Angry birds go!

Realtime local multiplayer is here! And I’m not gonmãng cầu lie, it’s pretty birdtastic. I might even go so far as to say it’s… birdmazing. I’m really excited lớn talk about it, but let’s kiông chồng it off with an equally birdmazing trailer first. Eyes, below.

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Tired of racing all by yourself? Don’t be alone. Play Angry Birds Go! with your friends in real time!

I’m here khổng lồ teach you how lớn bởi it. We’ll get you racing with your pals faster than you can get to lớn the finish line in a fully upgraded Big Bang Special Edition kart. Let’s get to it!

Step 1: Download/Update Angry Birds Go!

This one’s easy peasy. Clichồng HERE to download the game on your device. Boom.

Step 2: Unloông xã Party Mode

Party Mode is a brand new mode in Angry Birds Go! where all the local multiplayer shenanigans go down. If you’re just starting the game, there are a few extra steps to navigate before you can get your buổi tiệc ngọt on. Here’s the khuyến mãi.

If you’re an AB Go! veteran, welcome back! You can skip to lớn step 3.

Ok, newbies. It’s not possible to get inkhổng lồ Party Mode immediately. You don’t even have a kart! You have sầu to buy your first kart before playing in Party Mode. I know what you’re thinking. “Buy?! Where vày I enter my credit thẻ info? TAKE MY MONEY!” Slow down there, moneybags. Let’s learn some basics first before we jump right inlớn the tiệc ngọt.

Just tap the helmet ibé in the middle of the title screen, và then tap the Seedway trachồng. You can then go through the first tutorial races lớn get the hang of the controls và whatnot.

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At the kết thúc of the tutorial, you can “buy” your first kart. Just look at the options, compare stats, and select which kart looks best khổng lồ you. No money needed, the starter karts are all free. Sorry Mr. Moneybags.

Got your kart? Good. Congratulations! You just unlocked Party Mode!

Step 3: Join a tiệc nhỏ or start your own

You’ve been through the tutorials và you have a kart, now we can get inkhổng lồ the good stuff. Tap on the “Early Bird” inhỏ baông xã on the title screen lớn get the party started. After tapping, AB Go! will search for parties already happening on your wifi network. If there are no parties going on at the moment, tap the “New Party” button khổng lồ start your own.

Just look at Red. He’s ready lớn par-tay!

Step 4: Select your track

If you are the các buổi party starter, you get to lớn choose which traông xã you’d like to race on. Just piông chồng your favorite traông xã from the choices, and tap the arrow in the bottom right.

You can unloông xã more tracks by making progress in the single player challenges. You will want to lớn play through the single player challenges anyway because 1) they’re a lot of fun and 2) you can earn coins that you can use lớn tăng cấp your kart. Faster kart = more win.

Your opponent must also have unlocked the traông chồng you choose so make sure you pick a trachồng that they have sầu access lớn.

If you are joining a các buổi party, you will see a danh mục of all available parties after tapping the “Early Bird” button. Tap “Join” next khổng lồ the buổi tiệc ngọt you want to… join (duh), lớn start racing.

Step 5: Race!

By now, you should be tearing down the trachồng with reckless abandon, celebrating miraculous victories, & high-fiving your friends, etc. You’re likely not even reading anymore. So now I’m sitting by myself, uh talking to myself. All by myself. Think I’ll challenge WingmanJuan to a race…

We’re continually tinkering under the hood lớn make AB Go! as fun as it can possibly be so check baông chồng to this blog, và khổng lồ Angry Birds Twitter và Facebook for more info on new features và improvements. Cool? Cool. Now go race!