Toyota land cruiser prado

The Toyota LandCruiser Prado - Australia's biggest-selling large SUV - has been given a swathe of price cuts yet picked up way more safety equipment & some offroad-focused tweaks to boot.

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Bidding to make the strong stronger, Toyota has also bumped the braked-trailer towing capathành phố on all tự động versions to lớn 3000kg - sure lớn delight grey nomads, horse trainers và mine-site fleet buyers at the same time - put a rear diff-loông chồng on the GLX tự động hóa and VX grades, and ditched the V6 petrol engine altogether.


The Prabởi cuts aren't as extreme as the $5000-plus reductions Toyota made lớn the cheaper, HiLux-based Fortuner recently, but there's clearly still a theme here...

The only variant to go up is the automatic GX in both five- & seven-seat guises, by $400, though you get more stuff as you'll see in a sec.

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Safety features now standard on all LandCruiser Prabởi vì automatic models (a steep $3000 extra over the GX & GXL manuals) are autonomous emergency braking & pedestrian detection, active sầu cruise control, lane departure alert và tự động hóa high-beam. Want this stuff on the manual models? Tough luck.

Still, most of this tech was once the province of the range-toppers only.


Inside the cabin there's a re-jigged dash, instrument binnacle và new switchgear. For example there's a flush-surface AC control panel that looks way slicker.

GX và GXL variants have grey fabric tryên ổn, while the VX and Kakadu are offered with blachồng and beige leather-accented trim. A $3500 option paông chồng for GXL adds leather-accented tryên, ventilated and power-operated front seats, and heated front and second-row seats.


2018 Toyota LandCruiser Prabởi vì pricing (before on-roads):

GX manual - $53,490 (-$600) GXL manual - $59,990 (-$1200) VX tự động hóa - $73,990 (-$911) Kakadu auto - $84,490 (-$1121)


Six-speed tự động hóa (GX, GXL): $3000 Seven seats (GX auto): $2550 Premium paint (all grades): $550

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