Middle East insulation was established in the year 1993 in Dubai, UAE. MEI is one of the leading manufacturers of Cladding System.

MEI is working closely with all the customers to produce partnership that builds a successful & profitable business. MEI has a reputation for chất lượng hàng hóa, using it as a tool for professionalism.

The reliability on a product is of top priority in our business relationship. From a simple warehouse to sophisticated industrial complexes requiring high degree of thermal insulation, MEI offers complete thiết kế & supply services khổng lồ meet all the roofing and wall cladding for any form size and type of projects.

Bin Ghurair Trading L.L.C.

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Bin Ghurair Trading LLC manufacturers a wide range of Fire rated và Non Fire rated steel door và frames for interior a nd exterior use.FORT Steel Doors are most reliable Steel door manufactured by using the only the highest chất lượng materi als and manufacturing techniques. FORT Steel doors are manufactured in many sizes, gauges và designs khổng lồ meet the needs of architects, owners & contractors.

Bin Ghurair vast experience, knowledge of the sản phẩm, state of the art CNC machines, has made the timely delivery of finest chất lượng material possible

LPCB and BRE Certification

For the manufacturing of FORT fire rated steel doors and frames, Bin Ghurair Trading Company is in full complaince with the Loss Prvention Standard (LPS) issued by Loss Prvention Certification Board LPCB. The complaince includes satisfactory evaluation for fire testing under:BS 476: Part 22: 1987 và a Cyclic Test lớn LPS 1056:Issue 5: 1996. The testing & certification body is,

BGR (Building Retìm kiếm Establishment)

Bucknalls Lane, Garston Watford WD259xx, UK

Certification from UL(underwriters Laboratory), United Kingdom

Middle East Insulation LLC is accredited và certified by Underwriters Laboratory (UL), which is approved shop for the fabrication of fire rated Hollow Metal Steel Doors & Frames.

We manufacture wide range of Fire Rated Hollow Metal Steel Doors available up lớn 1-1/2 hours fire ratings, tested in accordance with the standards of UL 10C & UL 10B.


RESOLCO INSULATION LLC are the sole agent & distributor of the GCC & East Africa markets promoting rigid form Phenolic CFC & HCFC blocks which are produced by RESOLCO INTERNATIONAL Bv - NETHERLANDS. We fabricate khổng lồ service the HVAC industry, insulation as pipe section for chilled/hot/cold pipes and pipe support & all panels application.

Insul-phen is the ONLY Phenolic insulation in the world that can offer all of the following

has the lowest insulation value - saving space, saving ENERGY fire và smoke safe - helping to SAVE lives resits moisture ingress - CRITICAL in hot & humid climates is 100% CFC & HCFC không lấy phí - environmentally friendly

Insul-phen is manufactured under strict unique control conditions and produced as rigid blocks in standard densities from 40kg/m3 (2.5lb/ft3) to lớn 160kg/m3 (10lb/ft3). The higher density material is used specifically for the fabrication of pipe supports.Insul-phen can be cut to suit any pipe or vessel in any thickness - và all types of fittings including bends/elbows & vessel heads/domes.Insul-phen is produced in our state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Hollvà, to our chất lượng formulation. The plant produces rigid blocks of a consistently unisize form size & shape - không lấy phí from pin holes, voids and cracks that compromise the performance of other products.

This is then fabricated into lớn pipe sections or pre-formed fittings và supplied for the insulation of all types of building service/process pipe and ductwork, in; •Hospitals •Offices •Schools •Hotels •Breweries •Food plants •Pharmaceutical factories


Found in the late seventies, Contracting & Engineering Works started as a construction company working around the Middle East with a special focus in Lebanon. Contracting và Engineering Works team has a wealth of experience in a variety of fields but one comtháng goal: “To escort & shape expertise in order lớn tailor the appropriate answer to the client’s need. To provide optimal solutions under the prevailing constraints và deliver the best value for the client’s money”. Responding to new challenging market demands, converging towards one source providing integrated solutions in multiple but related fields, Contracting và Engineering Works reshaped itself & joined with A&H Investments forming Al Ghurair Contracting & Engineering Works L.L.C. in order to create synergy between engineering expertise và the lathử nghiệm information Technology. Al Ghurair Contracting và Engineering Works & its key team members have satisfied a large number of customers và have sầu acquired a quality credibility that we strive sầu lớn maintain.

Mission & Vision :

Through strategic alliances and expanded ownership, we have sầu grown into a full service engineering powerhouse offering services in all relevant fields. We are pre-qualified as a first class consulting firm with the Public Sector in Lebanon. Al Ghurair Contracting & Engineering Works L.L.C. is a dynamic firm always ready to lớn take on a new challenge; currently we incorporate 15 first class engineers and architects and over 1trăng tròn staff & laborers. Our current turnover is over 110 Million AED per year và we are rapidly expanding in the Dubai và Abu Dhabi sectors. We offer services in the following fields: Contracting, Design, Services, Supplies, Retìm kiếm & Development, và Education. We offer a full range of services in the civil engineering tên miền including structural, geotechnical, transportation, water, sewage, power, and materials engineering.

Key People :

Roger Abi Saab-General Manager (24 years experience in Civil Engineering & Management) Hasan Hamadeh-Projects Director (8 years experience in Civil Engineering và Management) Farid Wakim-Project Manager (8 years experience in Architectural và Civil Design và Management) Laudy Waheeb Salem-Projects Coordinator (6 years experience in Contracts and Cost Management) Irshad Alam-Personnel Manager (9 years experience in Administrational & HR management) Manoj Bhatt-Senior Accountant (18 years experience in Accounting & Company Finance)

Liên hệ Detail



Suppliers of high quality S& for last trăng tròn years, Bin Ghurair S& Washing Plant is the one of the leading suppliers of sand in the United Arab Emirates, catering to the construction sector of the country. To cater khổng lồ increasing dem&, they are soon to lớn exp& their operations in the Dubai Industrial City.


The company is a part of the various business entities under Abdulla và Hamad Al Ghurair Investment LLC. Mr. Abdulla Majed Al Ghurair is the sole owner và Managing Director.


RADHAKHRISHNAN Unnithan (RK) - Plant Manager ZIYAD HAMMOUD - Sales Manager HENRY LACBAYO - Technical Engineer


Liên hệ Persons : Mr. RadhaKhrishnan Unnithan Smartphone No. 050-4530622 Mr. Ziad M. R. Hammoud sản phẩm điện thoại No. 050-6254569 Mr. Abdul Nazar sản phẩm điện thoại No. 050-585008260; Mr. Mohammed Hamza Smartphone No. 050-4234312


Al Liwan was founded in Dubai, UAE in 1990, the result of many years of construction experience by its Principals. Great emphasizes is placed on unique và timely execution of works which has resulted in the successful completion of projects ranging from commercial, residential, industrial và governmental. The company has also interests in real estate development, manufacturing & trading of construction material amongst several other areas.

Not only in building construction have sầu these skills excelled over the years, but also in project management, specialized civil works, slip size construction, wastewater treatment & air pollution control installation.

Al RABIAH Food Industry was established in 1990 và is based at Al Khor Industrial Area of Dubai, U.A.E. The company imports, processes & packs all kinds of rice, pulses, spices, nuts & other foodstuff. No effort is spared khổng lồ ensure that only the highest unique foods are procured from reputed sources all over the world and experienced food professionals are appointed by the company to monitor the movement of the products at every stage from harvesting, storage, packing và transportation to the factory in Dubai.

All these products are stored in purpose built temperature controlled warehouses to preserve sầu their freshness & chất lượng before processing. The products are then put through a series of processes including cleaning, grading, blending & polishing before being packed into different kinds of attractive sầu packaging like laminated plastic pouches and pet bottles in sizes ranging from 50 gms. to 10 kgs. A detailed sản phẩm danh sách is attached.

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All processing in done on fully automatic European machines with minimal manual handling. Most of the products are packed in the company’s own brvà ‘Green Valley’ which is one of leading food brands in the U.A.E. market và is well trusted by the consumer. The products will soon be available in other regional markets like Oman, Qatar, Kuwait & Saudi Arabia. The company also packs for other brands lượt thích the private labels of major retailers in the region.

The company currently processes và packs about 3000 tons of different kinds of food products per year. To meet the growing popularity of its products and the increasing demand, a new, ultra modern 7500 tons plant is being at the Dubai Investments Industrial Park in Jebel Ali, Dubai. This will enable the company khổng lồ expand its presence in all the regional markets, increase its sản phẩm capacity & range to fulfill its mission to lớn be a leading food brvà in the Middle East.

​Green Valley is one of the leading importers, exporters, wholesalers, packers và distributors of all kinds of rice, pulses, spices, sugar, UHT milk, dry fruits and nuts, olives & pickles etc. in the U.A.E.Today after years of excellent hàng hóa quality, variety of items wide distribution networks, quichồng delivery services and honest business dealing, the company has built a good reputation and high kết thúc trust with the customers khổng lồ become as one of the leading companies in U.A.E.Nowadays we are looking forward to always satisfy our customer requirement as usual with a great service unique.

eyên ổ

Dubai International Academy opened on September 10, 2005 with over 500 students from 55 countries và an equally diverse faculty of over 50 members of 18 different nationalities. Since it"s opening, Dubai International Academy has quickly established itself as one of the leading new schools in Dubai.

It is the first school in the country khổng lồ offer a rigorous và transdisciplinary curriculum and a rich language programme based on the three prestigious programmes from the Geneva based International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO) - Primary Years Programme (PYP), Middle Years Programme (MYP) và Diploma Programme (DP).

Statement of Purpose

To build lifelong learners for the Global Knowledge Economy, who are responsible citizens, empowered with innovative and critical thinking skills and sensitivities vital for success in the 21st century. We will achieve this by providing quality international education aimed at academic excellence and all round development.

The Collegiate American School offers the best of American education through a program inspired by the best practices in curriculum, assessment and instruction. With a curriculum based on the American Comtháng Vi xử lý Core Standards và a technology-enabled learning environment focusing on digital learning, the Collegiate American School helps students develop the skills và knowledge lớn compete throughout the world.

The Collegiate American School has been created by Innoventures Education, the driving force behind successful educational institutions in Dubai including the Dubai International Academy và the Raffles International Schools và Nurseries, Dubai.

The first five years of a child"s life are the most important & phối the foundations for future learning and achievement. Our aim is to lớn promote và support the Burj nursery children in their efforts to lớn reach "towering heights" in their development và achieve their full potential. In addition, we wish lớn encourage the children to lớn be happy, confident và independent life-long learners in a secure, welcoming and chất lượng environment; an environment where parents are supported, cultures meet, diversity is celebrated and national identity is instilled.

Our bộ vi xử lý Core Values

Integrity: Fair & honest in our claims và representation about our education process và what the children can achieve sầu & benefit from.

Care: Showing concern for children as individuals and identifying with their desire for personal development và growth.

Communication: Interacting with children, parents & other stakeholders with intent to lớn both give sầu and receive sầu useful information.