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The Polk T Series 5.1 speaker system is a full-fledged trang chính theater package with a surprisingly affordable price tag.

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Speakers: Two T50 towers, two T15 bookshelf speakers, one T30 center, & one PSW10 subwooferPower và processing: Requires separate 5.1-channel AV receiverDolby Atmos: Atmos speakers not included

Pros: Impressive performance for the price, floorstanding speakers, 10-inch subwoofer

Cons: Requires a receiver, doesn"t include Dolby Atmos speakers

Polk"s T Series has long been considered one of the best home page theater packages for the money. The system was designed to lớn compete with one of my all-time favorite speaker packages, the Pioneer SP-PK52FS, and it offers similar performance.

Though I think Pioneer"s speakers have sầu a slight edge, they"re no longer available. And while our previous piông xã in this category, the Onkyo HT-S7800, offers the added convenience of built-in Atmos support và an included receiver, that system is also completely sold out.

When it comes to lớn readily available trang chính theater speakers, the Polk T Series is nearly unmatched at this price point. Unlượt thích a lot of other budget-friendly options, the T Series doesn"t just rely on bookshelf speakers. Instead, you actually get floorstanding speakers for the front left and right channels, along with a 10-inch subwoofer that should provide ample bass.

Review for the T Series have sầu been positive sầu. Sound and Vision gives the system an 8/10 and praises the audio chất lượng, saying "the T50 towers deliver the kind of performance that forces you lớn keep reminding yourself of just how affordable they are."

On the downside, these speakers vì chưng require a separate AV receiver for amplification & processing, which will add khổng lồ your cost. To power all of the included speakers you"ll need a 5.1-channel receiver, and the Yamaha RX-V385is an affordable option that should get the job done well.


The Vizio Sb3651n-H6 Soundbar System delivers a surround sound experience in an affordable and convenient package.

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Speakers: One soundbar, two satellite speakers, one 5-inch subwoofernguồn and processing: Built-in amp và Dolby/DTS supportDolby Atmos: Not supported

Pros: Budget-friendly price, separate rear satellites, doesn"t require an AV receiver, Bluetooth streaming

Cons: Small subwoofer, doesn"t tư vấn Atmos, performance isn"t as immersive as bigger systems

Soundbars are convenient, but full surround sound setups are more immersive. So, what if you could combine the best of both worlds in a simple, budget-friendly package? That"s where the Vizio Sb3651n-H6 Soundbar System comes in.

The Sb3651n-H6 is one of the most budget-friendly trang chủ theater soundbar options available, delivering a full 5.1-channel experience. This means there are left, center, và right channels in the soundbar itself, along with two separate rear speakers for true surround sound. A 5-inch wireless subwoofer is also included for dedicated bass.

Best of all, the soundbar handles amplification & processing itself so there"s no need to lớn buy a costly receiver unit. The soundbar even includes an extra HDMI đầu vào so you can connect another device, lượt thích a game console or truyền thông media player, in addition to your TV. Bluetooth is featured as well for wireless music streaming.

When watching movies and TV, the Sb3651n-H6 offers impressive performance for its price, creating an enveloping soundfield. The subwoofer is also decent for its kích thước, but I"ve sầu found that Vizio models tend lớn have some balance issues. It"s also important lớn keep in mind that the soundbar"s overall audio separation, depth, and clarity can"t equal the chất lượng found on bigger and more expensive sầu systems.

This is an entry-cấp độ audio solution designed for buyers on a budget with smaller rooms. In that context, it delivers great value, but it"s not suited for audiophiles.