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Indiamãng cầu Borough Police are continuing to investigate the fatal shooting of a Pittsburgh man who was found early Saturday in a parking lot.

Police said they were called at 4:07 a.m. to lớn the 1300 blochồng of Oaklvà Avenue for a report of an unresponsive man laying in a private parking lot with a gunshot wound to lớn his upper body toàn thân.

Coroner Jerry Overman Jr. identified the victim of a fatal shooting as Jaedyn Khadim Ma Wright, trăng tròn, of Pittsburgh.

Police said said Wright was found “lying alone.”

Wright was treated at the scene and transported to lớn Indiamãng cầu Regional Medical Center where he later was pronounced dead.

Police reported the investigation is “active và ongoing” & they believe sầu there is no increased threat khổng lồ the community.

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Borough police are being assisted by state police, Indiamãng cầu University of Pennsylvania Police, the county coroner’s office, Citizen’s Ambulance Service and county detectives.

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