Phim cuộc chiến của các vị thần Video, Sitelinks

With it being more than halfway through October, ideally, you"re already well inlớn planning your 20đôi mươi holiday advertising strategy—but don"t worry if you"re not. Delays happen, pandemics hit, and there are always last-minute pushes needed to ensure success. What you should worry about is whether YouTube is part of your 20đôi mươi holiday paid truyền thông phối.

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Sitelink extension mockup source: Google

What you should know about sitelink extensions

There are few things to lớn know about sitelinks extensions in Clip ads. Siteliên kết extensions are only available at the chiến dịch cấp độ, for đoạn phim campaigns using Google Clip partners, và also for sản phẩm điện thoại devices only.

Also, you can choose sitelinks that are already phối up in your trương mục, but make sure the sitelink you choose for your Clip campaigns bởi vì not get cut off. Depending on what you are promoting, also make sure your messaging and the landing page you are sending users khổng lồ are optimized for the Smartphone experience.

Siteliên kết extensions for đoạn phim ads are available for mobile ads only, so make sure your sitelink vì chưng not get cut off và that the messaging & landing page are both optimized for di động devices.

3. YouTube call-to-action extensions

A call-to-action extension is the easiest, most common action-focused feature you can add to your YouTube ads (which is also why I recommended it in my YouTube advertising during COVID-19 tips). These are available for almost every campaign type using TrueView in-stream ads.

A call-to-action extension will temporarily appear on the video while the ad is being played. Whether the viewer skips the video or watches the entire thing, a second call-to-action extension will always stay in the upper, righthvà corner of the page until the viewer watches another video clip or goes khổng lồ a different page.



Besides testing out the đoạn Clip in your ads, you can also try & see which messaging in your extensions will help drive sầu higher click-through-rates from your ads. In the example above (these are kém chất lượng ads. I have sầu never worked with Blizzard Entertainment), we could demo two different headlines và call-to-action messages while the creative stays the same. Will a “Shop Now” button encourage buyers lớn cliông chồng, or will "Ends Soon" make a bigger impact? You won’t know until you kiểm tra it out.

What you should know about call-to-action extensions

A possible setbaông chồng you may run inlớn is the character length for both the headline and the Call khổng lồ action. For the headline, we only get ten characters for the call-to-action text & only fifteen characters for the extension’s headline. Sometimes you need khổng lồ get clever, but in my opinion, sometimes just getting to the point is the best way.

There are character limits for both the headline và CTA for call-to-action extensions, so you may need to get clever.

4. YouTube lead form ads

You’re probably thinking, “Lead ren forms? For the holidays?! I vì not want leads. I want sales!”

I completely understvà, but I have sầu used YouTube lead gen forms for ecommerce accounts on a few occasions. I will admit this is more of a top-of-funnel approach but stiông chồng with me. You might want khổng lồ use this option in your holiday 20đôi mươi advertising.

With this feature, you can collect your video ad viewers’ information directly from the ad itself.

And while the image above shows many of the khung field options you can select for your khung, I have sầu used just name và gmail fields for a few of my ecommerce clients. The goal with this strategy is to lớn help build your gmail database. I recommkết thúc that you present this khung with an enticing message, such as:

“Want all the best giao dịch for this holiday season? Newsletter subscribers get notified first.”

Then, ask for the bare minimum in your khung khổng lồ make it as easy for the user as possible (because consumers go to lớn YouTube khổng lồ watch videos, not fill out forms).

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YouTube lead khung ads allow you lớn collect your viewers" information (và therefore build your email list) directly from the ad.

After a viewer signs up, you can then encourage them lớn go khổng lồ your website or a specific landingpage. This can help drive even more traffic after you get their information. You can then rely on your stellar gmail nurture strategy to get the user to lớn come back later on. Two strategies working together in the spirit of the holidays. Awwwwww.

What you should know about YouTube lead form ads

As with the first two holiday video ad strategies (shopping campaigns & sitelink extensions), lead form ads are also only available for advertisers running TrueView campaigns—TrueView for kích hoạt campaigns, specifically.

Also, YouTube lead khung ads are still in beta in many accounts. You may have sầu khổng lồ reach out khổng lồ your Google reps lớn gain access.

As YouTube lead khung ads are still in beta in many accounts, you may have sầu to lớn reach out lớn your Google rep lớn gain access.

Test & combine these đoạn phim ad strategies to hit your holiday targets

Not all of your sitelink extensions may show up depending on how many you have selected, and some will only be available on mobile devices. Lead gene forms will not show up every time to a user. TrueView for Shopping does not allow sitelink extensions or lead gene forms. The point is, you cannot leverage all of the powerful features talked about in this post in one chiến dịch. You will have sầu khổng lồ kiểm tra out a few different campaign types & subtypes to lớn cover everything we went over and identify the best strategies for your holiday sales goals.

You cannot leverage all of these YouTube ad features in one chiến dịch. You will have to thử nghiệm them out with a few different campaign types và subtypes to identify what"s best for your holiday sales goals.

Even if only one or two features in this post are applicable to lớn your business, be sure to keep testing in mind. I understand the holidays might mean limited chiến dịch runs. But with the reach of YouTube, you usually can get insights pretty quiông chồng on which pieces of your ads are working và which ones are not. Now that you are equipped with the tools for more profitable YouTube advertising this holiday season, it"s time to lớn get khổng lồ work with testing và optimizing. Good luông chồng and enjoy the season.

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