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Webmaster level: All This week we launched an update lớn sitelink lớn improve the organization and unique of our tìm kiếm results. Sitelink are the two columns of liên kết that appear under some search results và ads that help users easily navigate deeper inkhổng lồ the site. Siteliên kết haven"t changed fundamentally: they"re still generated and ranked algorithmically based on the liên kết structure of your site, and they"ll only appear if useful for a particular query.

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Siteliên kết before today"s changes
Here"s how we"ve improved siteliên kết with today"s launch: Visibility.
The link have been boosted to lớn full-sized text, và augmented with a green URL and one line of text snippet, much like regular search results. This increases the prominence of both the individual siteliên kết and the top site overall, making them easier lớn find. Flexibility. Until now, each site had a fixed list of sitelinks that would either all appear or not appear; there was no query-specific ranking of the liên kết. With today"s launch, sitelinks selection & ranking can change from query lớn query, allowing more optimized results. In addition, the maximum number of sitelink that can appear for a site has been raised from eight khổng lồ 12, và the number shown also varies by query. Quality. These user-visible changes are accompanied by chất lượng improvements behind the scenes. The core improvement is that we"ve sầu combined the signals we use for siteliên kết generation and ranking -- lượt thích the link structure of your site -- with our more traditional ranking system, creating a better, unified algorithm. From a ranking perspective, there"s really no separation between "regular" results và siteliên kết anymore.
Siteliên kết after today"s changes

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These changes are also reflected in Webmaster Tools, where you can manage the sitelink that appear for your site. You can now suggest a demotion khổng lồ a sitelink if it"s inappropriate or incorrect, & the algorithms will take these demotions inlớn account when showing and ranking the links (although removal is not guaranteed). Since sitelink can vary over time & by query, it no longer makes sense khổng lồ select from a set danh sách of links -- now, you can suggest a demotion of any URL for any parent page. Up to lớn 100 demotions will be allowed per site. Finally, all current siteliên kết blocks in Webmaster Tools will automatically be converted to the demotions system. More information can be found in our Webmaster Tools Help Center.

Note: The "demote sitelinks" feature has been removed và is no longer available. Please see our eshopdaroana.com+ post on this change and our help center article on siteliên kết.

It"s also worth mentioning a few things that haven"t changed. One-line sitelinks, where sitelink can appear as a row of links on multiple results, & siteliên kết on ads aren"t affected. Existing best practices for the links structure of your site are still relevant today, both for generating good unique siteliên kết và lớn make it easier for your visitors. And, as always, you can raise any questions or comments in our Webmaster Help Forum. Written by Harvey Jones, Software Engineer, & Raj Krishnan, Product Manager, Siteliên kết team

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