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After the chaos around the deduplication of Featured Snippets in the Google search results, I gave sầu in to the itch & analyzed 2,000 Featured Snippets of www.g2.com. I’m happy to lớn be first in line when it comes to lớn screaming about a new feature or decision Google made that hurts websites. But what I noticed this time is that many of us started screaming before having proof of damage.

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Featured Snippet report in AHREFS

So I phối out to get my own và found a net positive sầu impact on traffic. Not a substantial one by any means, but noticeable.

In this article, I describe how I analyzed the Featured Snippets and describe the exact results. Mind you, there is a lot of nuance to the analysis và lots of traps you can fall into. I recommend you to read the whole thing thoroughly.

In this article, I cover:

Vast differences of Featured Snippets on desktop vs. mobileCTR differences between Featured Snippet typesTraffic differences between page types

FS Gate summary in 578 words

Here’s what happened: On 1/22, Google got caught at not displaying organic URLs if the page ranks in a Featured Snippet anymore và admitted that it changed something.

If a website page listing is elevated into the featured snippet position, we no longer repeat the listing in the search results. This declutters the results & helps users locate relevant information more easily. Featured snippets count as one of the ten website page listings we show.

— Danny Sullivan (

Where we are now (2/1): Featured Snippets count as organic results và the ranking URL doesn’t show up anywhere else on the SERPhường., which doesn’t apply khổng lồ Featured Snippet thumbnails, refined Featured Snippets, or other SERPhường Features.

For more information và case studies, check out further reading at the kết thúc of the article.

The trap of Feature Snippet impact analyses

Before we jump in, I want to make an important point: comparing the dates before và after 1/24 in tìm kiếm console to lớn determine the impact is not enough. It implies many assumptions that don’t hold true.

Instead, we need to distinguish between:

Desktop và Mobile because the SERPS look completely differentUser intent based on query syntaxFeatured snippet typeCountry, if you get a lot of international traffic

If you just compare date before with date after, you mesh all of those in one pott & get distorted results.

In the example for the query “Coursera review” below, you see how the average desktop position is relatively steady while Mobile bounces around like an 8-year-old.

Search console report showing ranking differences between thiết bị di động and desktop for “coursera review”

The desktop result is a regular Featured Snippet without too much sauce.

Google desktop tìm kiếm results for “coursera review”

But on sản phẩm điện thoại, it’s a Double FS!

Google Smartphone tìm kiếm results for “coursera review”

That, of course, hurts our CTR and traffic. Mind you that the domain name occupying the second FS also serves the image thumbnail on the desktop Featured Snippet. It would be interesting khổng lồ explore a larger data mix and check if that’s always the case.

Also, pay attention to the headings in the điện thoại FS. On desktop, the FS content is about the quality of Coursera. On sản phẩm điện thoại, it’s about price và credibility.

Could it be that intent is different on sản phẩm điện thoại vs. desktop? Is Google’s understanding of the topic is so good that it knows what intent people have when they search on a điện thoại thông minh versus desktop?

Another impact on cliông chồng rates và traffic comes from Google’s growing desire khổng lồ keep people in the search results.

A great example of that is the query “best animation software”, for which we rank in the Featured Snippet on desktop & mobile.

Look at the nice image thumbnails in the Featured Snippet box that attract so much attention. Yeah, they don’t lead you lớn www.g2.com but lớn another SERP. A bit unfair, if you ask me because those are results that we at G2 put together. Why wouldn’t they lead to lớn our site where we provide you a ton of information & are specialized in software products?


Google desktop search results for “best animation software”

Instead, they lead lớn a SERP. where you get more questions instead of answers. Not a good experience, if you ask me.


Google sản phẩm điện thoại search results for “best animation software”

The same thing happens on Smartphone, just uglier. When you cliông chồng on the foldout (see screenshot below), you find a menu of entities from the Google knowledge graph (I expect them khổng lồ have sầu found most of that information on G2 but can’t prove sầu it).

In the “found on the web” box (FOTW Box), Google seems to show the first organic result first but the next result is just a swipe away. A very different cliông xã dynamic.

di động Foldout

Folded out menu featured snippet on Google

Another example: “best graph database”

“Best graph database” on desktop

Google desktop search results for “best graph database”
Google thiết bị di động search results for “best graph database”

How to lớn do a Featured Snippet deep dive

The big question is how lớn trương mục for all the variables that distort a Featured Snippet analysis. The answer is a Featured Snippet deep dive sầu.

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Here’s how it works in a nutshell:

Pull your Featured Snippet queries from a 3rd tool.Pull clicks, position, và CTR from Search console. If you want to lớn find out what the impact of the 1/24 deduping update on your site was, pull the data before and after 1/24 (ideally 7 days).Slice và dice, slice và dice.

Now, let’s talk about the details.

First, you need access to a 3rd các buổi party tool like SEMrush or AHREFS khổng lồ pull your Featured Snippet queries. You need khổng lồ what queries you rank in Featured Snippets for và Search Console won’t tell you (though it should).

I use SEMrush or AHREFS but can also recommend RankRanger.

RankRanger has a cool free tool that shows you desktop and điện thoại SERPhường features over the last 28 days.


RankRanger report for Desktop SERPhường Features


RankRanger report for sản phẩm điện thoại SERPhường. Features
Featured Snippet report in SEMrush
Featured Snippet report in AHREFS
Enter your site in Site ExplorerGo lớn the “Organic keywords” reportClichồng on “SERP.. features”, select “Featured Snippet”, và tiông chồng “Only linking to target”Export

When you export Featured Snippets from 3rd buổi tiệc ngọt tools, make sure khổng lồ look at when they discovered the FS. It probably makes sense to lớn filter snippets out that have been discovered later than a month ago.

Second, use the “Search Analytics for Sheets” add-on for Google Sheets or the Search Console API khổng lồ export queries, page, device (and country, if you get a lot of international traffic).

Search Analytics for Sheets add-on

Make sure lớn pull one data set before và one after the date the change occurred, in this case, 1/24. Optimally would be 7 or 14 days (even 28 days). Just make sure to lớn factor in that traffic is often different on weekends vs. weekdays, especially for B2C sites.

Third, open all three data pulls (one from your 3rd các buổi party tool of choice, two from search console) in Excel and filter out:

brand queriesqueries with less than 5 impressions (just noise)International traffic, if you get a lotQueries with 0% CTR before & after the change date

Design the analysis as you want but make sure khổng lồ compare CTR, clicks, & position for both, điện thoại & desktop.

Here’s what my analysis looks like:

My Featured Snippet deep dive sầu spreadsheet

The impact of Featured Snippet Deduplication

The Featured Snippet rankings and traffic for www.g2.com dropped on the 22nd when Google deduped snippet URLs and regular results.

Two interesting observations:

The first change on January 22nd seems khổng lồ have sầu impacted us negatively, then the modification on the 24th turned this around.Ranking positions dipped slightly và stayed flat but traffic picked up.

Desktop Rankings (SEMrush)

Organic desktop ranking report in SEMrush filtered by Featured Snippets
Organic sản phẩm điện thoại ranking report in SEMrush filtered by Featured Snippets

In the deep dive sầu, I found that our featured snippet traffic improved on desktop but declined on mobile. I see a higher CTR and more traffic after 1/24 on Desktop. On thiết bị di động, I see a slightly positive CTR but less traffic. To be fair, I only pulled 584 snippets for mobile – way less than half of the 1,329 desktop snippets.

# of FSCTR after 1/24Weighted CTR after 1/24Traffic after 1/24

In the table, you noticed that I added a weighted CTR because you often find some noisy CTR values in Search Console when clicks are low. So, cutting out snippets that got one clichồng after 1/24 will bring your CTR closer lớn a realistic mean.

The scatter chart below shows CTR changes vs. cliông chồng changes (before 1/24 versus after).

Most queries don’t show big fluctuations after the FS dedupe. However, there are more points in the upper right part of the quadrant, reflecting the positive traffic impact I noticed.

Scatter chart with Click/CTR changes before & after 1/24 for desktop

I think it’s also important to lớn differentiate the impact of Featured Snippets between page templates, especially for inventory-driven sites (which I explain in my article about sản phẩm features for SEO).

Page templates (should) target certain user intents, which is reflected in the types of Featured Snippets Google shows (it’s all connected). If Google shows a list Featured Snippet, users probably want lớn see a step-by-step process or an overview of something. If you can’t provide that in your nội dung, you’re not meeting user intent. And, since page templates target a user intent & rarely several ones at the same time, you need khổng lồ look at each separately in your analysis.

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As you see for our data, CTR and traffic vary a lot between our product & category pages & on Mobile & desktop (see table below).

# of snippets808490395173
Avg. CTR change48%37%1%1%
Adjusted avg.CTR change20%14%1%0%
Cliông chồng change269-115-125-5

It becomes even clearer when you look at correlations (in the table below). After getting over our issues with correlations
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