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We’re excited khổng lồ share that it just got even easier to create Instagram Stories with the eshopdaroamãng cầu.com: Social Video Editor. As of the lachạy thử update, our iOS app contains a massive sầu library of photos from Getty Images that you are không lấy phí lớn use in your videos.Quý Khách đang xem: Ssinh hoạt dạy dỗ và huấn luyện và đào tạo cà mauTop stories, Video, Image pack


In this article, we’ll show you where lớn find stoông chồng in the eshopdaroana.com.com: Social Video Editor app. Plus, we’ll cốt truyện some best practices for using stoông xã imagery in your Instagram Stories. Let’s dive sầu in!

How khổng lồ use our Getty Images library

Ready to lớn start adding photos from our Getty Images collection to lớn your Instagram Stories? We’ll show you how. lưu ý that we’ve also got a collection of photos & Clip clips available from Getty Image in our browser-based video editor at eshopdaroana.com.com. You can learn more about that here.

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Step 1: Download our iOS app

To access our library of Getty Images photos for your Instagram Stories, the first thing you’ll need to lớn vì is make sure you’ve sầu got our app installed on your iOS device. Cheông xã out the Clip below khổng lồ learn more about eshopdaroamãng cầu.com: Social Video Editor.

Step 2: Start a new video

Once you’ve downloaded the app và logged in, it’s time to get started. You’ll have the option khổng lồ choose a template or start from scratch. You can use stochồng photos in any video clip project, whether it’s a template or not. In the next section, we’ll explain how both work.


Step 3: Add stoông xã photos

The big moment is here: it’s time to lớn add Getty Images photos to your project. If you started with a template, tap on the template image you’d like to lớn replace và then tap the “Media” inhỏ in the bottom left of the screen.

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Use keyword lớn search our collection of over 1,000,000 images to lớn choose one for your đoạn phim. When you find the image you like, just tap to add it to lớn your Clip.


If you’ve sầu started from scratch, simply add a new block. Then, tap khổng lồ add truyền thông and search for stochồng in the same way you did above sầu. To learn more about starting from scratch, kiểm tra out our full guide lớn the app.

Step 4: Add the final touches & produce!

Once you’ve sầu added all the final touches, including the right text, colors, & fonts, you’re done! Produce your đoạn Clip and giới thiệu it with the world.

Tips for using our Getty Images library

Need a little help finding the right photos for your next Instagram Story? Here are some tips to lớn help you get the most out of the Getty Images library in our iOS app:

And there you have it! You’re ready lớn start using Getty Images in your Instagram Stories. Once your video’s done, tag eshopdaroana.com.com when you cốt truyện khổng lồ Instagram so we can see what you’ve sầu made!