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In this Squarespace SEO guide, I provide a simple checkdanh mục that you can follow to ensure your Squarespace site ranks highly in search results.

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Squarespace is a great platkhung in many ways — its templates are gorgeous, its content management system (CMS) is easy lớn use, và it provides a comprehensive phối of features, including e-commerce functionality.

But when it comes to lớn the SEO department, Squarespace occasionally comes in for a bit of criticism — not because a page or post on a Squarespace website can’t rank highly in tìm kiếm — but because certain aspects of optimizing it to vì chưng so are not particularly straightforward.

There are three main reasons for this:

The Squarespace CMS doesn’t always use industry standard terms for some of the elements of pages which you need lớn optimize for search engines.

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Editing these elements, once you find them, can be a bit of a fiddly process.

The good news however is that despite these issues, Squarespace does a lot right when it comes to SEO, and it is perfectly possible lớn optimise a Squarespace page effectively for search & lớn achieve a high ranking for it.

Additionally, Squarespace recently revisited their approach khổng lồ SEO, making a number of changes to lớn their interface which make it easier for users to configure SEO settings on their website.

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I’ve sầu gone through these changes in depth, and below you’ll find my updated Squarespace SEO checkmenu which outlines all the key steps you need to lớn take lớn make your Squarespace site rank highly in search results.

Some tasks on the checklist apply to optimising any site, but we’ve sầu aimed lớn provide SEO advice that is as specific to Squarespace as possible. Do leave a comment on this post if you have queries, or Squarespace SEO tips of your own
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