La vie color me run 2017

Go for the excitement, lớn practice your French language skills or lớn pichồng up a new personal best. Whatever motive you may have for running La Vie Màu sắc Me Run 2017, vous serez accueillis à bras ouverts (you will be welcomed with open arms)


How’s your French? Seriously — how can you fully appreciate news about the upcoming La Vie Màu sắc Me Run to be staged on 27th May at District 2 in Ho Chi Minh City, Viet Nam without a smattering of the world’s most romantic language? For your first lesson, we urge you to memorise “Bonne chance et amusez-vous bien,” because you’ll want to repeat this phrase to your Singapore teammates. Translation? Good luông chồng & have sầu fun!

Events lượt thích the 5km La Vie Màu sắc Me Run can be serious business if a personal best is at stake, but you’re required lớn have fun. Find out how you will be drenched in colour in three languages (English, Vietnamese & French) by beating a path to the Spacebib website’s La Vie Color Me Run page và get yourself registered now (tout de suite!).

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About La Vie màu sắc Me Run Ho Chi Minch City

If you have no sense of humour & can’t understvà the joy và enthusiasm one can experience when being doused with colourful powders, this event may not be worth your time & effort. On the other hvà, if your photo is in a dictionary (French or English) under the words “spontaneous,” “up for anything” and “I’m a wild child,” kiểm tra the expiration date on your passport so you"re travel ready, because this race has your name written all over it.

You’ll show up at the start line dressed in the official unikhung of the day that includes a White t-shirt that’s your blank canvas, and from the moment that flag waves you off for your 5km run, you will be showered in colour — as will everyone around you.

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Making friends during this sự kiện isn’t just likely but probable since it’s impossible lớn keep a straight face as you watch everyone around you turn pink, purple, green and yellow.

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If you’re feeling hesitant about taking a colour bath, relax. Those powders are made from food colourings và they’re safe for all ages. That stated, if your skin is sensitive sầu or you suffer a respiratory disease or are highly allergic, you may want khổng lồ kiểm tra in with your doc. And don’t be worried about your outfit. The colours may wash out in the laundry post-race, but don’t count on it. Leave your elegant duds at trang chủ.


Need more information about this vibrant run? Event organisers will keep everyone in the loop on the Spacebib site. That said, Nous vous souhaitons beaucoup de chance et espérons que vous gagnez! That’s French for “we really, really hope you win!”

Do you practice your language skills when you compete abroad? If yes, how many languages vì you speak?

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