The Cute Bickering Couple in Boys Before Flowers

Do you know the ever popular drama Boys Before Flowers? The most memorable thing you rethành viên might be the love sầu story between Goo Joon-pyo & Geum Jan-di, but there is another couple that had lovely moments in the drama. It is none other than So Yi-jung & Chu Ga-eul, better known as the SoEul couple by fans! They showed us perfect chemistry as a dễ thương couple who loves lớn have little fights with each other. Did you know that the actors, Kyên Bum and Klặng So-eun, also have a cthất bại relationship in real life? Are you curious about their current relationship? Let’s see their moments on Boys Before Flowers first!

SoEul Couple on Boys Before Flowers


In Boys Before Flowers drama, Kim Bum acted as So Yi-jung while Kyên So-eun acted as Chu Ga-eul. As you guys might have sầu known, So Yi-jung is one of the F4 members & Chu Ga-eul is Geum Jan-di’s best friend. As one of the F4 members, So Yi-jung has many fans in the school and made hyên ổn think that Chu Ga-eul is just lượt thích his fans who’re crazy for hlặng. On the contrary, Chu Ga-eul thought that So Yi-jung is just an arrogant man who loves flirting with many women because of his status as a playboy.

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But, as time goes by their view of each other are slowly changing. Chu Ga-eul started khổng lồ see So Yi-jung differently after he comforted her when her heart is broken. Not only that, So Yi-jung also helped her to take revenge on her ex-boyfriover. Meanwhile, So Yi-jung started khổng lồ fall in love with Chu Ga-eul because of her innocence và her kindness.

In the drama, we could see the little fights that often happened between the couple because of the difference in their personality. But don’t you think these petty fights are the ones that make them look dễ thương as a couple?

Are They Actually Dating?


If you are one of the fans who wished that the two of them are dating, then you have sầu lớn get ready lớn feel disappointed. Because the truth is the two of them are not dating in real life, but they only maintain a cthua relationship until now.

Not only because they acted as a couple, but they have a close relationship because they actually majored in Film and Theater at Chungang University together before they met at Boys Before Flowers. Thanks to lớn the shooting of Boys Before Flowers, they could maintain their close relationship & got even closer than before. Due to lớn the perfect chemistry between this couple, they got many offers to lớn star in commercials together. Here is the Clip of one of their commercials:

As their chemistry on screen was really good, the fans started khổng lồ speculate that they are actually dating. There was a time when a rumor about the evidence of them dating circulated around the internet. According khổng lồ the rumor, Kim Bum & Kyên So-eun wore matching rings, which made the fans felt sure that the two of them are dating. But their managements denied this rumor & said that the ring is only for filming purposes, so the fans had to lớn accept the disappointment again as their wish was not coming true.

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Even though SoEul couple got really popular and the fans wished for them khổng lồ date in real life, in every interview where they were asked if they are dating or not, they always answered that they are not dating và they are just cthua with each other.

Their Relationship Now


Even though it’s been a long time since they finished shooting for Boys Before Flowers, it turns out that they are still keeping in touch with each other. For example, while Kyên ổn Bum was filming That Winter, The Wind Blows, Klặng So-eun texted hyên & said that she enjoyed his drama. She also gives praises for his acting and the other cast as well. As she was also filming The Horse Doctor at the time, Kim Bum replied khổng lồ her message with another text of praise and encouragement for her.

As for their love life, recently, it was revealed that Klặng Bum is dating actress Oh Yeon-seo. Meanwhile, after her relationship with actor Son Ho-joon, it seems that Kyên So-eun has not been dating anyone again.

So, what vì you think about this couple? Do you still hope that someday they will get together for real? Don’t forget khổng lồ leave sầu your thoughts in the phản hồi section!