Hao xiang ni (i miss you) joyce

Joyce Chu - the lead singer of Malaysia"s Red People - is happily belting out hit I Miss You when suddenly a man can be seen falling in eshopdaroana.comrner of screen

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The shocking incident features in a YouTube clip for Malaysian supergroup Red People (Image: YouTube / Red People và Joyce Chu)

The clip has been viewed 22 million times (Image: YouTube / Red People & Joyce Chu)

Obarat wrote in a now deleted eshopdaroana.commment: "Someone f***ing dies at 1.41 in the top left eshopdaroana.comrner. What the f***?"

Another wrote: "Maybe not a suicide but an accident? or.....publithành phố stunt."

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While another replied: "It sure does look like (someone falling from a building) but that's fake."

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Shocked viewers questioned whether the tragic man fell or jumped, while others clayên the entire thing was faked (Image: YouTube / Red People & Joyce Chu)

Adding to lớn this theory, Ikimu Maritsu wrote: "If you actually vày some retìm kiếm, you can see that the sign is actually far away from the building itself.

"So it would be impossible for hlặng khổng lồ land in front of the sign."

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