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She joined Scientific Reports in January Senior Editorial Board Members of Scientific Reports handle manuscripts in a broad range of topics within their general areas of expertise, in addition lớn advising on editorial board và journal development.

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The Senior Editorial Board is selected based on exceptional contributions khổng lồ the journal. The Editorial Board manages the peer đánh giá process, và takes final decisions on whether papers should be accepted. To learn more about some of our Editorial Board Members and discover what inspires them, please visit our Editorial Board highlights page. The Editorial Board comprises experts from all major fields within the clinical, biological, chemical, physical & earth sciences, to ensure that each submission is handled by a speciadanh mục with an active sầu retìm kiếm career.

Anmãng cầu Bukiya Dept. Salvatore Chiantia University of Potsdam, Inst.

Laishram Rajendrakumar Singh Dr. Eric Lau H. Stephanie Schmit H. Kenneth Tsai H. Javier Blanco-Rivero Dpto.

Universidad de Murcia, Spain. Nicholas S. Seung-Taek Lee Dept. Stephane Lefrancois Institut national de la recherbít scientifique , Canada. Cell Physiology và Biophysics, Germany. Anmãng cầu Niarakis GenHotel, Univ. Marcelego Nenckiego, Polvà. Hideki Tatsukawa Cellular Biochemistry Lab. Spanish National Retìm kiếm Council, Spain.

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Victoria Bunik A. He escorted me to lớn the room.

A little while later, police officers came back from a soccer game. They dragged Nsợi out lớn a four door xe taxi and took hlặng khổng lồ the emergency room.

I banged on my door và asked them to lớn let me out so I could go và take care of my brother. They prohibited me from going. They locked the door & did not allow me khổng lồ go out & take care of my brother. I cried & fainted for about 30 minutes. When I woke up, I asked them lớn let me go & take care of Ngai. I thought Ntua had died. By three in the morning, they still did not allow me to go and see Ntua. At noon on March 19 when I heard that he hanged himself in detention, I was panicked and upmix because I did not believe that he killed himself.

If committed suicide by hanging, the family should have been allowed to lớn see the body . But they did not allow it. They prepared the document and took the body toàn thân for autopsy without informing the family. Both sides of his groins were blachồng and xanh.

His penis and both testicles were damaged và bled. Why did his body have such signs from hanging? There were many bruises on both of his legs, his hips, and his buttocks. His upper lip was battered và his two hands convulsed. I tried to straighten but I could not.

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We absolutely vì not believe that our son committed suicide. The suicide letter begins: According lớn a correspondence, Kumho Tire Company reports that tires in the product storage were lost. The main responsibility lies with the hàng hóa management department, headed by this Nguyen Cong Nhut. Below are some examples of cases of deaths in police custody allegedly from illness.

They only stopped when they discovered that we fainted. About 30 minutes later, six cadres of the detention center including cadre H. They then poured water khổng lồ revive & continued to beat hyên. He told a reporter: I almost could not breathe. I kept pleading và even knelt down lớn beg them, but they still beat me. I asked them to lớn let me Call my family and the local authorities where I live so people could vouch for me, but they did not allow me.

They confiscated my cell phone và continued lớn curse and beat me.

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This guy is not a robber. A traffic police officer wrote on the paper that I drove sầu my motorbike và fell down on my own, & that I was not beaten by the police. He forced me to lớn sign và threatened to lớn beat me more if I did not sign. I was too scared & thus I signed.

He said: As soon as I got khổng lồ the headquarters of the police of Thu Duc district, an investigation officer named S. He used his h& to hit me on the nape of my neông xã and I fainted. When I regained consciousness, investigation officer S. He suspected that I kidnapped the daughter of a driving teacher & tried to dem& a ransom of trăng tròn million dong from her family.

Now that I understood what was going on, I explained to lớn the officer that the daughter of the teacher loves my roommate & I had nothing to bởi with the kidnapping or her disappearance, but he did not release me. Sy had his subordinates drag me to lớn the police headquarters & ordered them to take turns khổng lồ beat me. Sy shocked me with an electric baton. Quoc handcuffed my left hand khổng lồ a chair & gave me pen and paper and told me to write a statement with the nội dung he read to me.

It was not until that Quoc uncuffed me and told me to go home.

Beating of Hoang Cu : February trăng tròn, Photo lớn of Hoang Cu, showing injuries khổng lồ his face he suffered when he allegedly was beaten by the police. According khổng lồ Nguyen Huu Tien, Nguyen Tkhô hanh Tuan & another police officer used clubs lớn beat hyên continuously on his thighs: They beat me fiercely. Suffering pain, I instinctively stooped & they hit me on my stomach, chest and head.

Beating of Seven Youths: August 26, Seven young males, from 17 lớn 21 years old, from Cuong Gian commune, Nghi Xuan district, Ha Tinch province, reported that they were beaten during interrogation by the police of Cuong Gian commune on August 26, Trang grabbed my hair và banged my head onlớn the wall. He punched me and kicked me on my stomach and hooked me on my rib. After such a greeting, Trang and a police officer named Hong used the club khổng lồ beat me on my ankles, my stomach và my baông xã. When I fell down, the police threatened to lớn shock me with electric batons if I did not stvà up.

Tired from beating me, the police ordered Thuc lớn club me on my ankles for them. Thuc did not dare to lớn. After I was seriously beaten, Mr. Trang and Mr. Hong even used an electric baton lớn shochồng me on my arm & on my stomach. I thought I could not take it anymore and fell down. Other police officers saw that và laughed. Trang did not say a word. Instead, he slapped me twice and beat & kicked me without letting me react.


Then he beat me with a rubber club và I fell onkhổng lồ the floor. He forced me lớn stvà up so he could beat me more. Trang also used an electric club to shochồng me on my arm and my stomach 4 times.