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Han Ji-min, if you don"t look lượt thích this, I can"t look in the mirror...I"m more beautiful if you pretend lớn be pretty

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Actor Han Ji-min has released a pholớn shoot scene with a quality Goddess beauty.Today, on the 28th, Actor Han Ji-min posted a video clip on his personal SNS, adding "BHIND FILM (I have a cookie đoạn phim behind it)" và adding a hashtag "# Golden Dew # goldendew".The public image shows Han Ji-min is concentrating on shooting pictures with various concepts.Han Ji-min was innocent in the đoạn Clip, but she was able khổng lồ catch the attention of fans at once by emitting the face-down Goddess beauty of the cloth, such as radiating charismatic girl Krish Sikmày.On the other hand, Hwan Ji-min appeared on MBN entertainment program "Eat More", which was broadcast on the afternoon of the 20th, and became a hot topic by releasing photos of his sister, saying, "I knew that Sister"s beautiful look would become famous in the neighborhood and become an entertainer."On this day, Han Ji-min mentioned Sister, mother, famous for beautiful looks, và said, "At some point on the Internet, I am the most ugly of my family." Capture "Han Ji-minSNS"

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Singer yang ji-eun has revealed a neat atmosphere. The monthly magazine "Woman Sense" released a phokhổng lồ interview with Yang Ji-eun, who was selected as "Jin" in the TV Chosun "Miss Trot 2" (hereinafter referred to lớn as "Miss Trot 2") following singers Song Ga-in and Llặng Young-woong on June 25. In the open photo lớn, Yang ji-eun dressed in a simple mood costume và gave sầu a neat atmosphere. "I have sầu been a fan of someone, but I have never thought that someone will be a người of me," said Yang Ji-eun, who said of his changed routine after winning the Miss Trot 2. Yang Ji-eun also revealed why he turned from Korean classical music lớn trot singer. “The recovery period has been prolonged after kidney donation lớn my father, who was sentenced to lớn a deadline for diabetes complications,” he said. "When I sang trọng songs, I had to lớn forget the music because it was difficult to lớn vì chưng Korean traditional music that was powered by Danjeon," he said. "I accid

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Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Steel, where the pureness và the charming charm of actor Kang Hyung-seok coexist, was unveiled. Kang Hyung-seok is playing the role of Choi Eun-cheol, a police officer at a resonance police box, who has a sincere and serious personality in everything in the Tđất nước hình chữ S Saturday drama Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha. Eun-chul appeared as the first guest of Yun Chi-gwa và captured the heart of Mi-sun (Kong Min-jung). Although he gives favors khổng lồ the unpaid, the straight dash gave sầu the drama a fun lớn realize with the strange and harmless charm that he could not notice. And last week, in the broadcast, he politely refused to lớn confess, and he was attracted khổng lồ his own beliefs, which were more attractive because he was rustic. However, Eun-chul, who refused khổng lồ confess to lớn Mi-sun & caused many viewers' sadness, visited Yun Chi-gwa in the 11th broadcast yesterday (the 2nd) and received scaling, conveying an incomprehensible word to lớn Mi-sun, and made her smile and raised curiosity. As the u

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Second-round assault on Mr A, known as his ex-girlfriend, is serious amid cowardly silence by Actor Kyên ổn Seon-ho. A wrote a long message on K on an online bulletin board on October 17, saying that he was a girlfrikết thúc who had been dating Actor K from the beginning of last year khổng lồ four months ago. Mr. A claimed that K promised lớn marry hyên and demanded unilateral sacrifice & after pregnancy he encouraged Abortion. A wanted to lớn give birth, but K's repeated demands eventually resulted in a severe surgery and later received a breakup notice from K. Kyên ổn Seon-ho was later identified as the most popular actor K. But Kyên Seon-ho chose silence. On the 18th, when the article spread & all kinds of speculation and speculation were unfolded, Kim Seon-ho và his agency Salt Entertainment remained silent without receiving liên hệ from reporters. Only on the morning of the 19th, the agency said, "We are grasping the facts of the article that came up with anonymous. I would like lớn ask you to

In the TVN Saturday drama "Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha", which was broadcast on the afternoon of the 16th, the conversation between Yoo Cho-hee (Hong Ji-hee) and Yeo Hwa-jung (Lee Bong-ryun) was drawn. Yoo Cho-hee went to buy a porridge at the store of Yeohwajeong without a wisdom tooth. Yoo Cho-hee said, "I was scared before I subtracted, but it was cool." This reminded me of the love of Yoo Cho-hee, who had long been in Yeohwajeong. Yoo Cho-hee sat down with Yeo Hwa-jung as if she had eaten with her wisdom teeth and began saying, "Even now, I was not with my English brother at that time. Yoo Cho-hee then touched the bracelet once & said, "I liked my sister." But she was not surprised. There was a slightly strange smile on her face. Yoo Cho-hee asked, "Did you know how you knew?" And Yeo Hwa-jung said, "Just. It feels more than knowing. How bởi people lượt thích their eyes hide? " "You were so pretty then, nice và sweet và I liked the
Actor Jung Bo-seok met mountaineer Eom Hong-gil. On the 15th, he posted two photos on his SNS tài khoản with his article. "Yesterday, Captain Eom Hong-gil, who finished 14 days of the Himalayas 8,000 meters peak, visited me." "I think it will be more big thanks to lớn the energy of my mother, who is also the teacher of the son universe who is making bread. Thank you." The information-set in the phokhổng lồ is standing alongside Captain Eom Hong-gil và staring at the camera. The two of them smiled & posed. Especially, their affectionate appearance attracted the attention of the warm atmosphere. Meanwhile, Jung Bo-seok appeared on KBS 2TV drama 'Oh! Samgwang Villa!' which ended in March. Currently, he runs a bakery located in Seongbuk-gu, Seoul.
On the afternoon of the 13th, an online production presentation of JTBC's new tree drama 'a man who looks like you' was held. Director Llặng Hyun-wook, Ko Hyun-jung & Shin Hyun-bin attended the production presentation. Ko Hyun-jung and Shin Hyon-bin have photo time ahead of the production presentation. Photo: JTBC Offers
On the 18th, SBS Plus 'Love Dosa' Season 2, Hong Ji-yon appeared. "When you're in a relationship, you're not good at the bachồng end; you never have sầu a good over lớn a relationship, or a lie, an affair or a love affair," Hong Ji-yoon said. Since then, Hong Ji-yoon has been shown to lớn look for Saju Islvà & see Saju. Hong Ji-yoon asked Sajudosa, "I wonder if it is because of me that the over of love sầu is not always good, và I vày not have sầu a relationship with me." So, Sajuvì analyzed Hong Ji-yoon's stoông chồng, saying, "It is a little frustrating, there are many things." Sajudosa analyzed Hong Ji-yoon's saju & said, "If you go beyond the early stages of dating, it gives a man too much stability và relief, even if you stay still, you feel lượt thích you will be comfortable next to lớn me without care." Hong Ji-yoon also agreed. Hong Ji-yoon told an anecdote, "There was a man I met at the time, và I introduced him lớn a junior at school, và h
Kim Seon-ho '1 night và 2 days' has been confirmed, và some viewers are rebelling against it. As of 9 am on October 21, a petition titled 'Kyên ổn Seon-ho is opposed to lớn getting off' on the official website of KBS Viewer Rights Center received about 15,000 consent. The writer said, "Recently, an actor who has been involved in the KActor controversy has suffered difficulties. Celebrities have sầu also risen to a bigger position than ordinary people, but they are the same person before becoming entertainers. "So I would lượt thích you to solve it together in the current program. I always had fun và laughs as a program and a bạn. I hope that six people will go all the time. " Kyên ổn Seon-ho was exposed lớn his personal life from his ex-lover A. On October 17, A revealed through an online community that Kyên Seon-ho was forced to make unilateral sacrifices after being pregnant during the process of dating from last year to June this year, or being forced to have sầu abortion or m
Because of Kyên ổn Seon-ho, the 'K Actor' who caused the personal life scandal, the fire is falling lớn the people around him, not himself. On October 19, Kim Seon-ho said through his agency Salt Entertainment, "I am sorry khổng lồ be disappointed with all those who believe and support me until the end." Klặng Seon-ho said, "I met hlặng with good feelings. In the process, I hurt hyên ổn with my inconsiderate & inconsiderate behavior. "He said," I am waiting for that time without delivering the correct hãng apple. " It is the position that it has been released in the story of My Life since the K Actor scandal was raised through an online community on October 17th. At that time, the nurse A revealed that he had been dating a so-called 'K Actor' from early last year khổng lồ June this year, & that he was asked to make a unilateral sacrifice by being pregnant after pregnancy or marriage. Mr. A did not mention KActor's real name, but some began to estimate the person
It’s not easy for men và women to have sầu good feelings for splitting up, và divorce between couples, as well as love, often turns into enemies they don’t want to see again. It is clear that the road is a thorny field of hardship, but if you find your mate in one day, you can live in happiness và love. The odds of finding a 100% favorite opposite-sex person are the lotkhổng lồ odds, so each person has a relationship & a marriage by lowering the standard, which is steadily rising lượt thích soaring house prices these days. In the Npal era, there were cases in which parents were forced to raise their minds, but it can not be heard if they move sầu khổng lồ the MZ generation. This life is a renunciation of marriage, rather than living with an unseen Actor, and their tight lives, hard money making, và poor childcare environment are also forcing their single life. KActor Kyên ổn Seon-ho had a long editorial about getting the gossip out. The handsome star Kyên Seon-ho, who was in the midst of his ex-girlfriend'