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Google SERP features are any new additional property added khổng lồ the Google SERP (SERP) that was not there in the traditional organic results page. The best examples for SERP Features are: Rich Snippets, Knowledge Graph, Map Pachồng, etc.

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What Are Google SERP Features?

SERP. Features are enhancements within the traditional tìm kiếm results page that are intended lớn give users vital information in order khổng lồ fulfill the search intent. 

Google has been expanding the danh mục of its SERP features over a long period & more new SERPhường. features can be expected in the coming days. If you want a các mục of all Google SERP features, you have come khổng lồ the ultimate resource.

Google has once again acknowledged that its search engine is dearly dependent on the users và the nội dung they create online for survival.

In a new SERPhường features update, Google is asking users khổng lồ not khổng lồ consider its tìm kiếm suggestions as the best result as its database lacks unique resources on the topic or the query entered by the users.

Highly Cited Label in Search – April 2022

Google has announced the rollout of Highly Cited Label for its top stories results khổng lồ help users access the nội dung from publishers who are cited by other news organizations.


This is part of Google’s larger initiative sầu to lớn thwart miss information from spreading through the tìm kiếm engine. 

The feature was launched on April 2nd, which is celebrated as the International Fact Cheông chồng Day, but it’s currently limited to the US region. However, Google has confirmed the global launch of the feature in the coming days.

More About This Page – April 2022

This feature is more aligned with the commitment of Google to lớn show trustworthy websites on the top of the results. 

When a user searches for any information that directly or indirectly impacts the person’s life, Google wants khổng lồ make sure the results that show up are trustworthy. That’s essentially why Google unique rater guidelines give sầu such impetus to lớn E-A-T. 


However, Google is now giving the option for the users to kiểm tra the credibility of the websites. Now, when a user clicks on the About this Results three dot symbol, the person can see more details about the website that’s presenting the information và also other search results that provide more context to the query used for the search.

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Google Introduces New điện thoại Search Feature: People Search Next – January 2022

Google has introduced a new SERPs feature in its Smartphone search results called “People Search Next”. The feature is intended to lớn help people find popular next searches based that are closely related khổng lồ their search query.

The People Search Next feature is not a replacement for any other Google tìm kiếm feature, rather it’s an additional feature lượt thích People Also Ask, People Also Search For, Refine This Search, và Related Searches. 

The feature is currently introduced in the US for English-language based sản phẩm điện thoại searches.

Here is an example of how it looks:


As you can see, the People tìm kiếm next feature appears just above sầu Related searches. Its position in the Google mobile tìm kiếm results seems khổng lồ be at the bottom of the SERP.

Google confirmed that People search next will appear whenever it senses what might be a helpful next tìm kiếm.

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According to lớn Search Engine Land, Google in addition lớn this feature is also testing a new edge to lớn edge autocomplete interface and a few other full width elements for desktop results.


This is another chạy thử where you can see the featured snippet in full-width & the shopping results appearing below it.

With the current interface been rolled out, when users search for businesses nearby, they can see local results on the left and a maps on the right.

Below is a screenshot of the new thiết kế that shows the map on the right side of the local search results.


This is tole old thiết kế where the map is the top & the local results appear below the maps.


Google has been testing this new design for several months now. If you see a lot of traffic và business from the Google local results, you may notice changes khổng lồ that traffic now. 

The local results are now higher up on the desktop tìm kiếm results & the bản đồ is now being replaced from the top of the page to lớn the right side.

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Google Confirms Changing the Way it Create Titles for Search Result Listing – November, 2021

Previously, Google used lớn consider the tìm kiếm query entered in the search box while generating the title of the search result snippets.

But now Google has confirmed that it has introduced a new system to generate titles for web pages.

It will no longer consider user query while making the titles.

It will now make use of text that humans can visually see when they arrive sầu at a website page.

Google is now specifically considering the main visual title or headline shown on a page. This is the nội dung that site owners often place with the H1 tag or other header tags.

Google said that in 80% of the tìm kiếm results, the HTML title tags are still the primary way it produces titles, however, this new change was introduced lớn produce more readable & accessible titles for pages.

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Google also added that in certain cases, it might add site names wherever it is seen as helpful & in other cases, it might select the most relevant portion of a title when encountering an extremely long one.

Google took the initiative after it received feedbaông chồng about titles not making sense.

If you’ve noticed changes in your CTR from the Google search results, it may be due to lớn these changes. This new change has resulted in titles that are more readable & preferred by searchers.

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Google Autocomplete is Now Full-Width – September, 2021

Google has been testing the full-width auto complete feature for a while và now it has been officially integrated as one of the SERP.. features. 

Auto complete feature has been one of the most time-saving features introduced by Google ever since its inception. It’s believed that the autocomplete feature saves around 3000 hours per day. 

First introduced in 2004, the feature provides suggestions to lớn the users while the tìm kiếm query is being entered. Over the years, the predictions shown have been improvised based on the popularity of the related queries that people tìm kiếm for. 

The new full-width autocomplete feature will display people also ask please also tìm kiếm và also related queries to make the search experience much more seamless. 

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Google Shortens FAQ Rich Results To A Maximum of Two Per Snippet – 2021

A Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) rich result is a Google tìm kiếm result that displays a menu of queries related to the tìm kiếm within one snippet.

Your trang web is eligible lớn show an additional drop-down menu with more questions when you include an FAQ segment on the website page & mark it up with structured data. A FAQ rich snippet usually shows 4 to 5 questions.

But recently, Google has confirmed that it has made changes to display a maximum of two FAQ rich results for every tìm kiếm result snippet in its SERPs. The update was rolled out on June 17, 2021.

So, the FAQ rich snippets will be shorter than before here on. This means there is room for more sites khổng lồ show up higher on search results.

Here is how it works.

To modify your GMB profile from Search or Maps, you need to log into the Google trương mục linked to your business.

Type your business name or “my business” to lớn update your GMB profile from Search. To vày the same from Maps, click on your profile picture and then “ Your Business Profile.”

With this GMB update, restaurant owners can quickly add more items to lớn their menu to lớn showcase them online using Search or Maps. Including more ordering options like dine-in, takeaway, delivery is an extra perk.

They can also enable online bookings by signing up with a Reserve sầu With Google Partner.

This update helps entrepreneurs khổng lồ keep their potential customers posted & take their businesses to lớn the next màn chơi.

Apart from the GMB update, Google also plans lớn offer a free trial of Pointy. This chất lượng platform helps local businesses to lớn make their inventory easily discoverable online in the days to lớn come.

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Even before the user sees the results, Google warns them about the lachồng of high-unique content that matches the query.

A user searching for such queries will now see a notification on the top, just below the tìm kiếm bar that says, “It looks lượt thích there aren’t any great matches for your tìm kiếm.”


Google has been keeping up its philosophy of displaying the best matching results based on the intent of the users.

However, there are times when fetching results that are high-chất lượng in nature, becomes almost impossible for the search engine bots. In such cases, users will start receiving this message.

Google has been trying to lớn make improvements in the search results that it displays by constantly making tweaks to lớn the algorithms. The recent effort to lớn underst& the search intent of the users through it’s machine learning systems BERT is one such initiative sầu.

However, when there is nothing worth displaying for a search query, the search engine cannot go hiding. That’s when Google displays results that it thinks can help the users.

Since there are no concrete signals that it has regarding how useful the content will be, it doesn’t want khổng lồ confuse the users who may think the results shown are worth reading or referring.

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The above image shows the standard featured snippet that appeared on Google’s right sidebar until last week. Below is how the featured snippet is appearing after the rolled out of the UI update on Thursday, 19th March. 

Mordy Oberstein of RankRanger was the first to notice the change and he took it to Twitter, sharing the screenshots of the decline in clicks from the right side featured snippet along with how it’s displayed now. 

Looks like Google has totally killed the right-side Featured Snippets. Now seeing the format in the 'main' results column. cc:
rustybriông xã pic.twitter.com/Jb4CIACWEn

— Mordy Oberstein