At the beginning of the year, I invested over a hundred hours in analyzing two huge data sets khổng lồ understand the impact of zero-cliông xã searches & SElăng xê Features. The analysis served as the basis for over 20 presentations I gave sầu over 2020. In this first of an article series, I explain what fluctuations in the number of SERPs with Featured Snippets in 2019 say about how Google tests them.

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I’ve written quite a lot about SERPhường. Features, specifically Featured Snippets, & how lớn use them lớn understvà User Intent better. Now, I want lớn present more data at scale to lớn complete the picture.

In this first article of a series, I specifically want to lớn zoom in on Featured Snippets.


Google tests Featured Snippets & either shows more or fewer based on the resultsMore Featured Snippets tover to lớn appear in the sản phẩm điện thoại than Desktop search resultsThe degree of Featured Snippets in the SERPs & the keywords they show up for vary greatly by countryGoogle showed a lot more Featured Snippets throughout 2019, except in the UK on desktop devicesMost countries & devices show Featured Snippets on 5-10% of SERPs

About the data

I was lucky khổng lồ get two big data sets at the over of 2019.

One was from RankRanger & consisted of four different SERP. Features over 100,000 keywords in 2019 on both, di động và desktop. The four SERP.. Features are Featured Snippets, Image Thumbnails, Image Packs, & Map Packs. The markets are Germany, the US, & the UK.

The other data phối was from SEMrush & consisted of traffic for more than 1,200 of the largest domains in the world on mobile & desktop for 2018 & 2019.

By combining these two sets, I was able lớn understand the impact of SERPhường Features on traffic, how Google handles certain SERPhường Features in general, and how traffic changed over last 2 years.

Featured Snippet growth in Germany, the US, và the UK

In 2019, Google significantly raised the number of Featured Snippets. A good example is Germany, where the number of SERPs with Featured Snippets increased by 86% on Smartphone & 37% on desktop. As you can see in the chart below, SERP Features saw two spikes throughout 2019: once in August and once in November.

Featured Snippets in Germany over 2019 on thiết bị di động & desktop

In the US, the number of SERPs that show Featured Snippets grew by 38% on thiết bị di động và 45% on desktop in 2019. In the UK, Google showed 11% more sản phẩm điện thoại Featured Snippets và -14% fewer on desktop (keep this in mind for later). My interpretation from the data is that Google sees a lot of success from showing “the one, true answer”.

Featured Snippet differences between Desktop và Mobile

Google shows more Featured Snippets on sản phẩm điện thoại than desktop. In markets like the US, we see about twice as many Featured Snippets in di động than desktop search results.

It makes sense lớn me: people want faster results on sản phẩm điện thoại devices instead of browsing around for too long. That’s why quichồng bite formats lượt thích stories work so well on Smartphone.

Featured Snippets in the US over 2019 on Mobile & desktop

The correlations between Featured Snippets in sản phẩm điện thoại & desktop tìm kiếm results are strong: 0.92 in the US, 0.72 in the UK, 0.95 in Germany. If Google adjusts the number of Featured Snippets shown on the SERPs for one device, it tends khổng lồ bởi vì so on the other device as well. However, we see larger magnitudes of change for Mobile Featured Snippets.

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In the table below, I mapped out all permutations of correlations between devices & countries.


Featured Snippet differences between countries

When looking at the data in the table above sầu and the chart below, you notice that correlations between devices are svào but weak between countries. You would expect Google to lớn collect data across all markets & languages, but they test và adjust locally.

Share of SERPs with Featured Snippets across DE, US, UK, on Mobile & desktop

Some correlations between markets are even negative sầu, for example between US điện thoại & UK desktop (-0.52) or DE Mobile and UK desktop search (-0.68). In my humble opinion, that speaks more for local differences than relationships between countries và languages. More Featured Snippets in the US don’t mean more in the UK. People have sầu different preferences and search behaviors.

In most countries, Google shows Featured Snippets on 5-10% of SERPs. But there are outliers. In the UK, for example, 20-25% of Mobile search display Featured Snippets.

Featured Snippet testing

As I mentioned in the first section of this article, Google doesn’t always increase the number of Featured Snippets. Many of us can atkiểm tra to this anecdotally, và the data supports this: Google tests Featured Snippets. In the Uk, the number of SERPs with Featured Snippets on desktop even shrank by -14% throughout 2019 (see the chart below).

Featured Snippets in the UK over 2019 on điện thoại và desktop

These changes don’t come gradually, as you can see in the chart below for mid-October 2019. All graphs I show in this article display weekly và monthly fluctuations.

The machine is testing và learning. I’m curious to lớn explore more data about the impact of seasonality & search demand spikes on Featured Snippets. The data shows that Featured Snippets are not stable, whether we talk about their appearance or which site is ranking in it, & we need lớn better understvà that.

The impact of Featured Snippets on traffic

To wrap this analysis up, I analyzed the impact of Featured Snippets on traffic. This traffic and Featured Snippet data is aggregated, so we need khổng lồ take it with a good portion of skepticism.

When I compared traffic to lớn the 1,200 largest domains with the nội dung of SERPs with a Featured snippet, I noticed negative sầu correlations. In other words: the more Featured Snippets are shown, the lower the traffic to lớn the top 1,200. It’s visible with the sheer eye.

Correlation of Featured Snippets in điện thoại tìm kiếm & traffic: -0.41

Smartphone Featured Snippets vs. điện thoại traffic in 2019

Correlation of Featured Snippets in desktop tìm kiếm and traffic: -0.5

Desktop Featured Snippets vs. mobile traffic in 2019

But how can that be? Featured Snippets are supposed khổng lồ bring in more traffic, not less. After all, I found in my analysis of over 2,000 Featured Snippets that the average click-through rate of a FS is 43%.

Well, the answer is that Featured Snippets significantly skew the click-curve sầu of a SERPhường. The first result gets the majority of traffic, whereas the other results get much less. Search becomes a winner-takes-it-all game.