Are you ranking for SERP.. Features? If not, you want to be.

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In this article, I’ll cover the top SERP features, how you can track them và how to lớn optimize your content for each.


How to optimize for a Google review SERP Feature

To get the star Đánh Giá rating in your Google SERPhường you’ll need to have a simple Reviews on your page. You can either use schema structured data on the page HTML. Once this is done, make sure you pReview your structured data and request your URL to lớn be crawled with the URL inspection tool in Google Search Console.

Paid SERPhường Features: AdWords (Top)

These are paid ads that appear at the top of the organic tìm kiếm results.

Most commonly these will appear as Shopping Results or text ads (see both below).

They run as usual AdWords ads, though Shopping Results usually included added, rich information lượt thích price, reviews, availability, etc.

How lớn Optimize

For this, you’ll need khổng lồ take a look at PPC optimization in general.

Remember, your rank is generally determined by a combination of budget, Quality Scores, and click-through rate (CTR) of your ad.

In the case of Shopping ads, you’ll also need khổng lồ optimize your hàng hóa feed with basic SEO principles like including a target từ khóa for each sản phẩm, optimizing your images, including rich results, etc.


Paid SERP Results: AdWords (Bottom)

No surprise here: this one operates just lượt thích the top AdWords feature, only these appear at the bottom of the results page.

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How to Optimize

The process here will, again, depend on the same factors that dictate which ads appear at the top.

Naturally, the bottom of the page isn’t nearly as desirable for most brands, so if you find yourself here, reevaluate your budget và what your competitors in the top positions are putting out.

It may be the case that their creative sầu better matches the given tìm kiếm queries, so spover some time evaluating what they’re doing right & how you can apply those lessons to lớn your own ads.

You’ll also want to consider running split tests lớn thử nghiệm various elements like your headline, description, or CTA.

Wrapping Up SERP.. Features

No doubt about it: ranking in the SERPhường features will give your brand better visibility in the results page.

While not all features apply lớn every brvà, most will find that through the use of basic SEO principles and appropriate schema markup, they have a good opportunity to be featured in one of the SERPs new top spots.

SERP Features Frequently Asked Questions

1.Why are SERP features important?

SERP.. features are important because they determine how your site appears on the first page of Google.

2. How do SERPhường features help improve sầu organic traffic?

With “no-cliông chồng searches” being more prevalent than ever, targetting keyword that don’t already have sầu a lot of rich snippets, increases the likelihood that your pages with feature snippet markup will appear on the first page Google tìm kiếm results.

3. How can I track SERP.. features?

You can traông xã what pages you have with SERPhường features in SEMRush. In SEMRush’s SEO toolkit, in the organic research category, under the Positions tab, you’ll find a filter lớn sort all page results by the types of SERP. features they have sầu, or don’t have sầu.

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