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Đề thi test môn Tiếng Anh của tỉnh Hưng yên được Ban tứ vấn Trường Cao đẳng Y Dược TPHCM đọc với tổng vừa lòng lại góp các em học sinh lớp 12 test sức tại nhà chuẩn bị tốt mang lại kì thi.

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Đề thi thử

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to lớn indicate the most suitable response to lớn complete each of the following exchanges.

Câu 1 (TH): Christina & John are in the English evening class.

Christina: “Why vì chưng you think the most people learn English?”

John: “……………………………………………………….”

A. Very often it’s khổng lồ get a better job 

B. All of them are

C. Because I like it 

D. I heard it was very good

Câu 2 (TH): John and Mary are having dinner at her house.

John: “This dish is really delicious!”

Mary: “……………. . It’s called Yakitori, & it’s made with chicken livers.”

A. I guess you’re right. 

B. It’s my pleasure.

C. Sure, I’ll be glad to. 

D. I’m glad you lượt thích it.

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to lớn each of the questions.

Instructors at American colleges và universities use many different teaching methods. Some instructors give sầu assignments every day. They grade homework. Students in their classes have sầu to take many quizzes, a midterm exam, & a final test. Other instructors give only writing assignments. Some teachers always follow a course outline and usually use the textbooks. Others sover students to the library for assignments.

The atmosphere in some classrooms is very formal. Students gọi their instructors “Professor Smith”, “Mrs. Jones”, và so on. Some teachers wear business clothes và give lectures. Other classrooms have an informal atmosphere. Students and teachers discuss their ideas. Instructors dress informally, and students Điện thoại tư vấn them by their first names. American teachers are not alike in their teaching styles.

At most American colleges and universities, facilities for learning & recreation are available to lớn students. Students can often use recorders, Clip machines, and computers at libraries and learning centres. They can buy books, notebooks, và other things at campus stores. They can get advice on their problems from counsellors and individual help with their classes from tutors. Students can relax và have fun on campus, too. Some schools have swimming pools và tennis courts. Most have snaông xã bars or cafeterias.

(Source. Adapted from http://www.ukedu.org) 

Câu 3 (TH): What is the main idea of the first paragraph?

A. Ways of teaching 

B. Ways of giving assignments

C. Ways of using the textbook 

D. Ways of taking an exam

Câu 4 (TH): What does the phrase “business clothes” in paragraph 2 mean?

A. trendy clothes 

B. casual clothes

C. formal clothes 

D. clothes for business people

Câu 5 (TH): Where vày students & teachers discuss their idea?

A. At learning centers 

B. In classrooms with formal atmosphere

C. In classrooms with informal atmosphere 

D. At libraries

Câu 6 (TH): What can’t students vì chưng at most American colleges & universities? 

A. They can’t buy anything at campus stores.

B. They can’t use the computers that are linked khổng lồ libraries.

C. They can’t ask their counselors and tutors for advice.

D. They can’t have sầu tutors and counselors solved their problems.

Câu 7 (TH): Which of the following statements is NOT true about schools in America? 

A. They offer sports and leisure facilities for students.

B. They have no recreation facilities.

C. They are well-equipped.

D. They have sầu stores on campus.

Read the following passage and mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the correct answer to each of the questions.

There is a comtháng trover for people to lớn indulge in leisure activities. Did you ever watch a đoạn Clip on the Internet? Maybe you used YouTube. YouTube is a Web site where people can share their đoạn phim. Today, YouTube is an important part of the Internet. However, that wasn’t always true.

YouTube started with a young man named Jawed Karim & two friends. One day, Karlặng was on the Internet. He wanted information about the 2004 tsunamày in Southeast Asia. He found news stories about it, but he couldn’t find any videos. This gave sầu Karin an idea. He wanted khổng lồ help people put video on the Internet. Karim told his friends about this idea. Together, they created a company – YouTube.

YouTube become a global success. Millions of people around the world visited the Web site. It was clear lớn Google, another Internet company, that YouTube had a lot of value. Google made a khuyễn mãi giảm giá. It bought YouTube for 1.65 USD. As a result, YouTube investors & its employees made a lot of money. The three friends who started YouTube were very big investors. Therefore, they made an enormous amount of money.

Karyên ổn became very rich, & he continued to lớn work toward his PhD. There was something else he wanted to lớn do. He wanted to lớn help young people go into business. He used money và experience to start a new company called Youniversity Ventures. This company helps young people who have good business ideas. It gives them advice và money to start Internet businesses. Milo is one business that students started with the help of Youniversity Ventures.Milo is a shopping Web site. It helps people find products in stores near their homes. Another example is AirBoB. This Web site helps people find for video conferences. People in different places can use this site lớn have sầu business meetings.

Karim has some advice for students who want khổng lồ start business. First, find a successful company. Do a lot of research about the company và the top people in the company. There, copy the way they vì chưng things. For students who wants to start Internet business, Karyên is probably a very good example to lớn copy.

(Source. Adapted from http://www.grid.unep.ch/waste/download/waste1213.pdf) 

Câu 8 (VD): What can be the best title for the passage?

A. To be successful on the Internet 

B. Support from Youniversity Ventures

C. Sharing Success on the Internet 

D. The best videos from YouTube 

Câu 9 (NB): What does the word “This” in paragraph 2 refer to?

A. the information of the 2004 tsunami 

B. the 2004 tsunami in Southeast Asia

C. that he could find no videos 

D. the news stories he could find 

Câu 10 (TH): How did the YouTube investors make a lot of money?

A. Google bought their YouTube company. 

B. They invested a lot of money in Google.

C. They sold things on Milo Website. 

D. They made a profit from Youniversity Ventures. 

Câu 11 (TH): Which of the following is NOT mentioned about Karim?

A. He earned a lot of money from YouTube. 

B. He is the owner of Youniversity Ventures.

C. He had the original idea of YouTube. 

D. He created a lot of sample videos for YouTube.

Câu 12 (TH): Which of the following can replace the word “enormous” in paragraph 3?

A. considerable 

B. favourable 

C. huge 

D. increasing

Câu 13 (TH): What does Youniversity Ventures do? 

A. It buys Internet companies such as Milo.

B. It helps people find inexpensive sầu vacation places worldwide.

C. It gives people advice và money lớn start business. 

D. It helps people to lớn get PhDs at famous Universities.

Câu 14 (TH): What kind of Web site is AirBoB?

A. It helps people tìm kiếm vacation places. 

B. It helps people find successful businesses.

C. It helps people held business meetings. 

D. It helps people buy goods & services.

Câu 15 (TH): What is Karim’s advice for students who want khổng lồ start business? 

A. Work for successful people and companies.

B. Copy successful people & companies.

C. Give sầu money to lớn Youniversity Ventures.

D. Get a PhD degree from famous university.

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet khổng lồ indicate the word that differs from the rest in the position of the primary găng in each of the following questions.

Câu 16 (NB): 

A. attract 

B. divide 

C. finish 

D. invite

Câu 17 (NB): 

A. economics 

B. entertainment 

C. radiation 

D. geography

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet lớn indicate the sentence that is closest in meaning to lớn each of the following questions.

Câu 18 (VD): Were it not for the money, this job wouldn’t be worthwhile. 

A. Although the salary is poor, the job is worthwhile.

B. The only thing that makes this job worthwhile is the money.

C. This job is not rewarding at all, so everyone wants to lớn get it.

D. This job offers a poor salary, so it is worthwhile.

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Câu 19 (VD): The burglar was caught red-handed by the police when he broke inlớn the flat. 

A. The police caught the burglar khổng lồ break into lớn the flat.

B. The police caught the burglar breaking into the flat.

C. The police caught the burglar when breaking into lớn the flat.

D. Then the burglar had broken into the flat, the police caught him at one.

Câu 20 (VD): He didn’t pay attention lớn what I said.

A. He had no intention of talking lớn me. 

B. He didn’t hear me even though I was saying khổng lồ him. 

C. He took no notice of my words. 

D. He didn’t pay attention because I didn’t say a word. 

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet khổng lồ indicate the correct answer to each of the following questions.

Câu 21 (TH): Such characters as fairies or witches in Walternative text Disney animated cartoons are purely _________

A. imaginable 

B. imaginative 

C. imagining 

D. imaginary

Câu 22 (NB): Neither Mary nor her brothers _________at the party yet. They may be getting stuông chồng in the traffic.

A. are arriving 

B. have arrived 

C. has arrived 

D. is arriving

Câu 23 (TH): The old market is said _________in a fire two years ago.

A. lớn be destroyed 

B. khổng lồ have sầu destroyed

C. khổng lồ have been destroyed 

D. lớn be destroying

Câu 24 (TH): We should participate in the movement _________to lớn conserve the natural environment.

A. which organized 

B. organizing 

C. to organize 

D. organized

Câu 25 (TH): I have decided lớn buy that house. I won’t change my mind _________what you say.

A. no matter 

B. although 

C. because 

D. whether

Câu 26 (NB): An endangered species is the one _________ population is so small that it is in danger of becoming extinct.

A. which 

B. what 

C. whose 

D. who

Câu 27: I don’t understand why the students didn’t keep silent while the speech _________.

A. was being made 

B. was made 

C. has been made 

D. would be made

Câu 28 (VDC): The jokes Jachồng tells are as old as _________.

A. the hills 

B. the mountains 

C. the oceans 

D. the earth

Câu 29 (VDC): When finding a new house, parents should _________ all the conditions for their children’s education & entertainment.

A. keep pace with 

B. make room for 

C. get rid of 

D. take inlớn account 

Câu 30 (TH): Ms. Brown asked me _________ in my class.

A. how many students there were 

B. were there how many students

C. how many students were there 

D. there were how many students 

Câu 31 (NB): After David _________ his homework, he went straight lớn bed.

A. had finished 

B. has finished 

C. was finished 

D. finished

Câu 32 (TH): _________, we would have sầu been forced khổng lồ saông chồng him.

A. Were he not khổng lồ resign 

B. If he resigned

C. Had he not resigned 

D. If he had resigned

Câu 33 (TH): Students also have sầu the opportunity to lớn choose from a wide range of _________ courses in the university.

A. optional 

B. unique 

C. compulsory 

D. limited

Câu 34 (TH): I’d rather _________ khổng lồ the các buổi party with my parents because there was nothing interesting there.

A. hadn’t been invited 

B. not have sầu been invited

C. haven’t been invited 

D. not be invited

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet khổng lồ indicate the sentence that best combines each pair of sentences in the following questions.

Câu 35 (VD): You have sầu just passed your exam. This makes your parents happy. 

A. You have sầu just passed your exam makes your parents happy.

B. That you have passed your exam makes your parents happy.

C. You have sầu just passed your exam which it makes your parents happy.

D. Having just passed your exam making your parents happy.

Câu 36 (VD): She raised her hand high. She wanted lớn attract her teacher’s attention. 

A. Because her teacher attracted her, she raised her hvà high.

B. She had such a high raising of h& that she attracted her teacher’s attention.

C. Though she raised her hand high, she could not attract her teacher’s attention.

D. To attract her teacher’s attention, she raised her hand high.

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet lớn indicate the word(s) CLOSEST in meaning khổng lồ the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.

Câu 37 (VD): Not until all their demands had been turned down did the workers decide to lớn go on strike for more welfare.

A. detected 

B. reviewed 

C. sacked 

D. rejected

Câu 38 (NB): She was brought up in a well-off family. She can’t understvà the problems we are facing.

A. poor 

B. wealthy 

C. broke 

D. kind

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet khổng lồ indicate the word(s) OPPOSITE in meaning to the underlined word(s) in each of the following questions.

Câu 39 (TH): The palace was badly damaged by fire, but was eventually restored to its original splendor.

A. renovated 

B. refurbished 

C. strengthened 

D. devastated

Câu 40 (NB): All children can attend without paying fees at state schools.

A. secondary schools 

B. independent schools

C. primary schools 

D. high schools

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet to indicate the word whose underlined part differs from the other three in pronunciation in each of the following questions.

Câu 41 (NB): 

A. bags 

B. days 

C. speeds 

D. dates

Câu 42 (NB): 

A. searched 

B. cooked 

C. described 

D. developed

Mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet lớn show the underlined part that needs correction in each of the following questions.

Câu 43 (TH): Some snakes have hollow teeth they are called fans that they use to lớn poison their victims.

A. Some 

B. they are called 

C. use 

D. their

Câu 44 (NB): What the woman was saying were so important that I asked everyone khổng lồ stop talking và listen.

A. What 

B. was saying 

C. were 

D. lớn stop taking

Câu 45 (NB): George is not enough intelligent to pass this economics class without help.

A. enough intelligent 

B. lớn pass 

C. economics 

D. help

Read the following passage & mark the letter A, B, C, or D on your answer sheet khổng lồ indicate the correct word or phrase that best fits each of the numbered blanks.


In Part Three of the Speaking Section you work together with a partner. You have khổng lồ do a (46) _____ task which usually lasts about 3 minutes. One possible task is “problem solving”, which means you have sầu lớn look at some (47) _____ information & then discuss the problem with your partner. You may be shown photos, drawings, diagrams, maps, plans, advertisements or computer graphics and it is (48) ________ that you study them carefully. If necessary, kiểm tra you know exactly what to vì chưng by politely asking the examiner to repeat the instruction or make them clearer.

While you are doing the task, the examiner will probably say very little và you should ask your partner questions & make (49) ________ if he or she is not saying much. If either of you have any real difficulties, the examiner may decide lớn step in và help. Normally, however, you will find plenty to say, which helps the assessor khổng lồ give sầu you a fair mark. This mark depends on your success in doing the task by competing with your partner, which includes taking (50) ____ in giving opinions and replying appropriately, although in the over it may be possible khổng lồ “agree to disagree”.

(Source. Adapted from http://www.grid.unep.tech)

Câu 46 (VD): 

A. single 

B. scarce 

C. lonely 

D. unique

Câu 47 (TH): 

A. noticeable 

B. visual 

C. optical 

D. obvious

Câu 48 (TH): 

A. helpful 

B. essential 

C. probable 

D. successful

Câu 49 (TH): 

A. statements 

B. suggestions 

C. speeches 

D. ideas

Câu 50 (VD): 

A. changes 

B. sentences 

C. turns 

D. sides


Đáp án

1. A2. D3. A4. C5. C6. D7. B8. C9. C10. A
11. D12. C13. C14. C15. B16. C17. D18. B19. Btrăng tròn. C
21. D22. B23. C24. D25. A26. C27. A28. A29. D30. A
31. A32. C33. A34. A35. B36. B37. D38. B39. D40. B
41. D42. C43. B44. C45. A46. A47. B48. B49. B50. C