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A video clip thumbnail is the first thing that most people see when they interact with a đoạn phim. A thumbnail is also what is shown in tìm kiếm results. Thumbnails are especially helpful in a library with many media files, because they give sầu viewers a pReview of the đoạn Clip nội dung.

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Asphối libraries in SharePoint make it easy for you to capture a thumbnail of a đoạn Clip, or to upload a thumbnail image for a đoạn phim in the library. To bởi vì so, follow these steps.

Open the asmix library that contains the đoạn phim.

Rest the mouse on the image of the video for which you want khổng lồ make the selection check box appear, và then click the image to open the Clip player page.


On the video player page choose the Manage tab in the ribbon.

In the Actions group, click Edit Properties.

Cliông chồng Change thumbnail, và then choose one of the following options:

Capture a thumbnail from video

Use a picture from my computer

Use a picture from a website address

To learn how to bởi vì any of these, click one of the following links lớn a section in this article.

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Capture a thumbnail from video

You can capture a thumbnail from any video that is stored in an asphối library. You can"t capture a thumbnail of a video clip if it is stored outside an asset library.

Capture a thumbnail from đoạn Clip.

Cliông xã the Play button on the đoạn phim.

When the đoạn phim shows the image that you want to capture, click the camera button at the top of the đoạn phim.

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The captured thumbnail image appears below the actual đoạn Clip screen.

nhận xét the thumbnail image. If the image shows what you want, then clichồng Save. If not, repeat the previous steps until you capture the image that you want.

If you want to change anything else (such as Name, Description, Owner, và so on), type the values that you want in the boxes that follow the thumbnail image.

When you finish making changes, choose Save.

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Use a picture from my computer

If you have sầu an image that is stored on your computer that you want lớn use as a thumbnail for the video, follow these steps.

Select Use a picture from my computer.

Type the path for the picture tệp tin, or cliông xã Browse to select the tệp tin, & then choose Open.

Choose Upload to lớn upload the picture tệp tin to lớn SharePoint for use as a thumbnail for the đoạn Clip.

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Use a picture from a web address

You can use a picture that you get from a web address.

Select Use a picture from a web address.

Type the complete URL for the tệp tin that you want khổng lồ use. The URL must include the name of the đoạn phim tệp tin. For example, http://www.contoso.com/VideoThumbnail.jpg