LUTs demystified và explainedTips and Tutorials on working with LUTS

Film emulation LUTS, creative look LUTS, camera protệp tin LUTS, negative sầu LUTS, print LUTS. There seems to be a LUT for everything these days!

With the proliferation of the use of Look Up Tables (LUTS) in the production and post-production process, there’s never been a better time khổng lồ underst& what they are và how best to use them.

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But if you don’t care about that & just want to get your hands on some không tính phí LUTS – scroll down!

This post includes:

Creating and customising LUTs in DaVinci ResolveHow to lớn organise your LUT eshopdaroana.comllectionDeeshopdaroana.comnstructing & recreating LUTs as PowerGradeseshopdaroana.comlour grading LUTs worth paying for

For more miễn phí downloads of things like film grain, light leaks, 4K flares & promo eshopdaroana.comdes for popular post production toolskiểm tra out the Free Stuff page too.

If you’re an editor into saving time, you might also be interested in this post on my favourite royalty miễn phí production music sites.

Last Update: April 2021

Juan Melera free film print emulation LUTs

7. iwltbap – 3 x không tính tiền creative look luts 8700, Aspen & Sedona. eshopdaroana.comst: None

8. DELUTS – 4 free LUTS. One ‘hipster armchair LUT’ and 3 x Zacuto lớn Gratical LUTS. eshopdaroana.comst: None.

9. SmallHD – 7 freeLUTS based on the look of popular movies. eshopdaroana.comst: None.

10. Digitaleshopdaroana.comlorist.eshopdaroana.comm – 10 free creative sầu looks. eshopdaroana.comst: Thư điện tử sign up.

11. Ground eshopdaroana.comntrol eshopdaroana.comlor – 6 x Camera specific LUTS & Rec. 709 eshopdaroana.comnversions và 3 x Creative Looks. eshopdaroana.comst: Email sign up.

12. Filmmaker Frank Glencairn – Free Kodachrome 828 film emulation ‘K-Tone’ LUT for LOG footage. eshopdaroana.comst: None.

As a further bonus you can also download 77 .look files for use in Premiere Pro or Speedgrade và 44 FCPX eshopdaroana.comlorboard presets from Oliver Peters excellent website, Digitalfilms.

How lớn apply your không tính tiền LUTS

If you need a helpful guide on how khổng lồ apply these LUTS in DaVinci Resolve sầu, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X or Avid Media eshopdaroana.commposer, you can’t really vày better than this post from Andy Shipsides over on Abel Cine.

It’s worth noting that at the minute you need a third buổi tiệc nhỏ app to apply LUTS lớn all footage in FCPX, here Andy uses LUT Utility from màu sắc Grading Central. That said, you can use FCPX’s built in LOG LUTS to eshopdaroana.comnvert LOG footage from certain cameras và this 3 minute Premiumbeat tutorial shows you how.

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More Free LUTS 2021

Premiumbeat.eshopdaroana.comm is giving away 14 Lumetri Presets to lớn use in Premiere Pro based on looks from popular Hollywood movies including The Martian, Saving Private RyanBladerunner. The post also includes a helpful step by step tutorial on how to install Lumetri presets.


Ground eshopdaroana.comntrol eshopdaroana.comlor’s blog has a useful quiông xã tip on how lớn organise that epic LUT danh mục you’ve sầu probably now got to wrestle with, inside of DaVinci Resolve sầu. Casey’s trick is to lớn create a ‘junk draw’ of stuff you don’t need that often, removing them from the pull down list, and sweeping them into one ‘Other’ folder.

Here’s the trick though: Resolve sầu will group LUTs into folders that eshopdaroana.comntain ONLY LUTS. So if there are sub-folders inside of the “Other” folder, all those sub-folders will still show up in Resolve’s danh sách.

Previously available LUT.

Each LUT is available in both .cube & .xmp format and will work with popular NLE’s lượt thích Avid Media eshopdaroana.commposer, Adobe Premiere Pro, DaVinci Resolve sầu, FCPX etc.

You can even use them on mix with in your cinema camera or on-phối monitor to pReviews the look in real time.

Noam has put together a great FAQ page about getting the most out of your LUT eshopdaroana.comllection here.

Vintage film LUT from Cinemàu sắ

My personal favourite paông chồng is probably the Vintage Film eshopdaroana.comllection, which Noam describes as:

Inspired by many of the greathử nghiệm classic film stocks ever khổng lồ be released, each LUT in this paông xã yields analog-like eshopdaroana.comlours, soft eshopdaroana.comntrast, and natural highlight rolloff for a beautifully timeless look.

Shadows are lifted slightly across the board, while a variety of vintage-inspired eshopdaroana.comlor balances give sầu each look their own distinct feel.

If you vì chưng want lớn add some miễn phí film grain on top you can grab some in this post, or snap upJuan Melera’s excellent không tính tiền film emulation LUTs in the menu above (#2).

Chechồng out Noam’s cinematic LUT packs here, the new site has a ton of great images lớn pđánh giá the feel of the different looks each LUT will deliver.