Cách giải game brain out Top stories, Video, Image pack

Constantly updated as the game Brain out raises new questions. If you have sầu difficulty with the new questions of Brain Out, please visit Thuthuattienich for suggestions.

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Brain Out is a “brain hack” game, solving puzzles with 225 questions updated regularly. The game requires players lớn be able lớn observe sầu, xúc tích và ngắn gọn, calculate, create … lớn be able lớn answer the questions in the game.

Many questions in the game bởi vì not follow any rules, you can “circumvent” in some way.


Press Ctrl + F and enter the từ khoá Level x where x is the cấp độ you want lớn see answers khổng lồ find faster

Level 1: Which is the biggest – Of course the biggest watermelon


Level 2: Count how many ducks – 9 is the answer


Level 3: Who is the highest – The highest sun

Level 4: Find the different pieces of watermelon – Move sầu the pieces of watermelon lớn find the difference pieces.

Level 5: Create a rectangle with unequal length & width – Move sầu the square lớn the right of the screen to turn inkhổng lồ a rectangle.

Level 6: Count how many triangles below – The answer is 11

Level 7: Find the biggest bonfire – Put 4 fires together to size the biggest bonfire.

Level 8: What position is the car parked in? – Move the oto out of the parking spot & you will find the number

Level 9: Rate the stars for this game – Rate 5 Stars or Full marks

Level 10: Awakening Owl – Move the sun lớn disappear from the screen (on the edge, down the screen)

Level 11: Give sầu answers 1 + 2 = 21, 2 + 3 = 36, 3 + 4 = 43 – Answer 9

Level 12: Clichồng on fruit> hexagon> circle> rectangle – Do not cliông xã on pumpkins & potatoes, they are not fruits.

Level 13: Win X-O – Hold two fingers in the horizontal row to fill in the letter O.

Level 14: Find chicks – Shake one of the 3 chicks to lớn find chicks

Level 15: Find the darkest color – Cliông chồng on the words “Find the darkest color”

Level 16: Count hair – There are 3 hairs

Level 17: Help the duông xã drink water – Move the duck to the left of the puddle

Level 18: Try something simple, phối up the equation – Move underline 1 to lớn below the question mark to lớn become number 2

Level 19: Which one can be eaten? – You can sort by the picture below

Level 20: Help the bunny win – Use your fingers to hold the monkey & the horse, then press the Forward button khổng lồ let the rabbit run khổng lồ the finish line.

Level 21: Find the Bride’s Ring – xuất hiện the dog food, feed it and it will “ring” the ring.

Level 22: The English letters that most people lượt thích to listen to are: CDs

Level 23: Smoking is harmful to lớn health – Clichồng 3 times on the top of the cigarette to make it disappear

Level 24: Count the coins in the piggy bank – Put 3 coins in the pig, then break the pig out và count the coins.

Level 25: Hungry, find something to lớn eat by yourself – Sort by the picture below

Level 26: How many lines are divided into lớn 8 parts? How many lines are needed – Need a line to divide the circle into 8 equal parts

Level 27: Counting Ants – Zoom in on the nest & count the ants

Level 28: Find the rules, write the answer – Two triangles + three letters O = answer is 9

Level 29: Click on the butterfly above the title – Move sầu the text below the butterfly và clichồng on it

Level 30: Please turn on the bạn – Touch the two ends of the red cord to lớn be broken

Level 31: Find 8 animals in the picture – Clichồng & hold on the cloud lớn create rain, you will see 8 animals as shown below.


Level 32: Sleep Baby – Shake your phone khổng lồ let baby sleep

Level 33: Girlfriend & mom in danger – Touch both mom’s và girlfriend’s hands khổng lồ save the two. Whether in the abyss or drowning.

Level 34: Drive sầu khổng lồ the side of the sign – Move sầu the big cloud to show the sun, the ice will melt & drive just away.

Level 35: Feed the rabbits 1 – Move sầu the carrots bachồng khổng lồ the rabbits

Level 36: How can two people cross the river – Zoom in on the boat

Level 37: 3 numbers add up to lớn 12 – Clichồng 6 once and 3 twice, then cliông chồng Confirm.

Level 38: Put everything in the box – Put everything in the box, including the title.

Level 39: Smash the mouse – Grab the mouse and put it in the hammer

Level 40: Rescue the deer out – Shake the phone to let the key fall from the red bucket, then put the key inside the nest lớn save sầu the deer.

Level 41: Level 1 math question result (1 + 2 + 3 + 11 + 2 + 3 + 11 + 2 + 3 + 1) is 39

Level 42: Find the corresponding cửa nhà – See the answer in the picture below


Level 43: Wake ZOZO – Open the door for ZOZO’s sister to enter.

Level 44: If 1 = 5, 2 = 15, 3 = 215, 4 = 3215, the answer is 5 = 1

Level 45: Which cup will be full of water first – Move sầu the cup No. 1 và choose the cup No. 4

Level 46: There will be two different cases, if it is 308 then the answer is 909. And if it is 369, it will be 965.

Level 47: Find the inedible – Move the hive sầu of chicken egg incubator và select it.

Level 48: Find how khổng lồ attract girls – Give your sister’s bag khổng lồ TOM

Level 49: Find aliens – Move sầu the flying saucer to the rochồng on the left và you will find Alien

Level 50: The Up & Down arrows are in the wrong direction – Rotate your phone so the Up và Down arrows become the right direction.

Level 51: How many bags of potatoes are below – Move sầu the potato packs on the screen, you will see the potakhổng lồ packs hidden behind, now count all và fill in the number of potato packages.

Level 52: Find pandas – See answers in the image below


Level 53: Perfectionists can’t st& it – Rub và rub the red ink at the edge of the well khổng lồ remove it.

Level 54: Cliông xã the orange picture 3 times, clichồng the xanh 5 times – Cliông xã the orange picture three times, then clichồng the xanh picture 3 times, this time the blue picture will turn orange. Wait for a while to phối it to green and then clichồng twice to lớn get it in.

Level 55: How to achieve sầu your dreams – Rub the magic lamp khổng lồ show the genie, then touch the discolored book next to the genie’s head as shown below.

Level 56: Which image has the most edges – Select the purple circle, it has the most edges.

Level 57: Chechồng the picture below khổng lồ guess the number – The answer is 91 between 8 và 56

Level 58: Finding a photo – Hold a finger on the letter & then turn your phone horizontally lớn let the phokhổng lồ fall out

Level 59: Waking up the Pig – Move sầu the butterfly out of the pig’s head, press and hold the pig’s nose until the pig wakes up.

Level 60: Successful dating – Tap the dog repeatedly khổng lồ let hyên ổn turn his ass.

Level 61: Find 8 – See the answer below


Level 62: If the question is which color is the most, you choose Trắng, if the question is lớn find green, please mix blue with yellow will turn green.

Level 63: Find hexagons – Sort as below is hexagon.

Level 64: The letter after AEBFC is the letter G

Level 65: If the question is E = F, delete the bottom stroke of the letter E by repeatedly clicking on the stroke so that E turns into F.

If the question is Make full use of – darts, then you should be extraordinary, bởi not let the darts are too cchiến bại khổng lồ each other.

Level 66: What time is an hour later – 1 hour later, the hands are only 9 o’clock because it’s just a picture, the clochồng won’t work

Level 67: Hold và drag Delete, then move the chicks on top of each other & count as shown below.

Level 68: If it is comforting the dog – Gently touch and rub the dog for comfort, if it is khổng lồ warm ZOZO, you can bởi the same khổng lồ warm ZOZO.

Level 69: Get the stars – Shake your phone to lớn stun, Rabbit, Fox and Chicken

Level 70: Follow the picture below, make the number 1 out of zero & add the minus sign.

Level 71: Collect chicks và throw them in a corner, then drag in all directions at the screen khổng lồ pull the chicks in & choose the chicks.

Level 72: The sum of the 3 largest numbers below – The answer is 24.

Level 73: Help the rabbit eat carrots 2 – Drag the line Eat carrots down again as a bridge, then let the rabbit through is

Level 74: Guess the password through the door => the answer is 70773

Level 75: Lonely elephant – Clichồng và hold the elephant, then tap Copy to get a second elephant

Level 76: Turn on light bulb 4 – Press start, then wait for the light on the fourth light bulb, then cliông xã stop

Level 77: Calculate an answer with two numbers based on the picture (15, 4, 10) => The answer is 58

Level 78: Cat’s claws most similar lớn kittens – Touch the hvà of the cát holding the gold coin

Level 79: Create the equation – Touch the green number 3, you will be given a further 3, rotate the number 3 to lớn 8.

Level 80: Help the chicken pass the maze khổng lồ the word Door – Move sầu the chicken to lớn the word Door by going round down, don’t go inkhổng lồ the maze.

Level 81: Help Zoe drink orange juice – Move the bottom of the cup lớn Zoe’s mouth

Level 82: Puzzle with frames – Answers are as shown in the picture.

Level 83: Move the wooden table và choose two different points as shown in the picture.

Level 84: How many holes are pants – Pants or shorts are 9 holes too.

Level 85: 10 watermelon fruit shots – The answer is 1024 pieces

Level 86: Catch the mouse – Move sầu the log to lớn the bonfire> put the firewood on the right end of the pipe> big smoke shows up the top of the left pipe> touch and hold the big smoke so it appears at the top of the right tube> mouse run out.

Level 87: How to get past this door – Move sầu the mouse on the image so that the cursor on the word Back door, then cliông chồng the left mouse button on the image.

Level 88: Enter the smallest number – Raise the leftmost hyphen khổng lồ make the minus sign, then enter 3 digits 9 in the back (-999).

Level 89: If the tìm kiếm is for the largest image, bởi vì touch the rectangle containing the shapes shown below. And if it’s đôi mươi darts, enlarge the beer & slowly dart the dart inlớn the beer, rethành viên not lớn dart the same, dart screen will be a bit harder.

Level 90: Hide the electronic device from the mama – Touch & hold on the electronic device for a while.

Level 91: Puzzle by number below.

Level 92: Click in order – Remember the required number of questions, then touch in order, finally touch the 33 in the question.

Level 93: How to Eat the Cake – Remove sầu the longest bar on the right, then let the girl fall down on the cake.

Level 94: When Ta Zuo is 6 years old, Lu Lo’s age is twice that of Ta Zeng, now he is 10 years old, he is 16 years old – Lo Lo’s age is 16 years old.

Level 95: Win X-O – Move sầu the letter O in the word You go down the vertical or horizontal line và fill in the missing O sign.

Level 96: Lunch time, turn the noodles down – Put the noodles inkhổng lồ the bowl, pour boiling water in & touch the noodles for a while so that the noodles are done.

Level 97: Sort as shown below.

Level 98: If CDE = EDF – The answer is EFH = HFI

Level 99: Find pandas – See answers in the image below


Level 100: Help the bat sleep – Turn on the screen rotation loông chồng feature & turn your phone upside down, wait a while for the bat khổng lồ sleep.

Level 101: Combine the largest number – Cliông xã two zeros into lớn infinity & press confirm

Level 102: Find the biggest number – Move two matches number 308, the largest number will be 31181

Level 103: I want khổng lồ go to sleep, please turn off the light – Turn off the light by turning your phone face down.

Level 104: Smashing the obnoxious fly – One hvà holds any point on the screen, the other press and hold on the fly until it is crushed.

Level 105: Finding the cheapest stuff – The gaming console is the cheapest

Level 106: Rescue mother và girlfriend 2 – Shake your phone to wake the character, so both are saved.

Level 107: Add a stroke to phối the equation 5 + 5 + 5 = 550 – The answer is 5 + 545 = 550, write a stroke to lớn + sign inkhổng lồ the number 4.

Level 108: Clichồng the fruit from left to right then select hexagon> square> rhombus – cảm ứng the fruit fourth from left khổng lồ right, then tap once on the hexagon, then double cliông chồng on the shape That’s fine If you have a potato lớn or pumpkin, don’t touch it, only the fruit.

Level 109: Help Jaông chồng drink orange juice – Hold the bottle of orange juice then shake your phone, shake a little then give sầu Jaông chồng to lớn drink. No sign of opening the bottle, just give sầu it to Jack to drink.

Level 110: What wish bởi vì you want khổng lồ achieve sầu – cảm biến three fingers with all three wishes.

Level 111: Find the thực đơn – There is a fuzzy menu text near the bottom right corner, find it & touch it. If not, then increase the screen brightness.

Level 112: xuất hiện the box lid – One finger holds the box, one finger lifts the cover

Level 113: If 1 = 5, 2 = 15, 3 = 215, 4 = 3215, the answer is 5 = 43215

Level 114: Find differences between two cakes – There are 8 differences between the two cakes

Level 115: Clichồng the blue 10 times> cliông chồng the red one time – Cliông xã the xanh box 11 times, the red box 1 time

Level 116: How to lớn balance the scale – Removing all items from the scale is an automatic balancing

Level 117: Count hair – Turn the character bachồng, the answer is 38 hairs

Level 118: Calculate what the last question is – A cát + 1 cat h& + 1 cat face => the answer is 14

Level 119: Help 2-year-old Tyke light a birthday cake candle – Put the flame on the middle candle, when it is lit then tilt your phone lớn mix the 2nd candle.

Level 120: Find the mother chickens 2 – Use two fingers khổng lồ shrink the chicks as a thumbnail, the chicken will appear immediately, followed by selecting the chicken.

Level 121: If you are driving across a bridge, touch the car to stop, then cliông chồng on the oto to drive over the bridge. If it is for the duông chồng lớn drink water, you get the biggest cloud to cover the sun, the rain falls full of water in the bottle and you only need khổng lồ give sầu the water khổng lồ the duông chồng to drink.

Level 122: What is the temperature of your toàn thân – cảm ứng the bottom of the thermometer, how much the thermometer will increase, usually (96.8 degrees).

Level 123: Mix two colors in chạy thử tubes together – Hold your finger on the chạy thử tube and shake the phone so they turn purple.

Level 124: Put the deer in the fridge magic – Zoom in the fridge and throw the deer inkhổng lồ it.

Level 125: Help me turn off the power – Swipe down repeatedly on the light bulb khổng lồ let the light bulb go down.

Level 126: From 1 to lớn 199 how many numbers 1 – There are a total of 140 numbers 1

Level 127: Feed the rabbits 3 – Give sầu the rabbit a heart in the right corner, the rabbit will grow up and you should move sầu the rabbit to the over of the bridge then cliông xã Skip (Jump) in the lower right corner khổng lồ let the rabbit jump over và eat carrots.

Level 128: Lost 26 letters ET – 21 letters left

Level 129: Turn on 2 light bulbs – Remove the 3rd light bulb on the right from the screen & press the left button.

Level 130: One candle is 50centimet high and can burn for 3 hours, another tree is 70cm high, burns for 6 hours – The answer is 6 hours for 2 candles lớn be the same height

Level 131: If 5 + 3 = 28, 9 + 1 = 810, 8 + 6 = 214, 5 + 4 = 19, the answer is 7 + 3 = 410

Level 132: Cut baby’s hair – Turn on the screen rotate switch, then gently shake your phone khổng lồ let baby sleep, baby sleep then you get hair trimmer for baby.

Level 133: mở cửa the celebratory champagne bottle – Shake your phone, then cliông xã on the champagne bottle cap.

Level 134: Draw the final answer – Strawberry + Grape + Eggplant is 20

Level 135: Turn on some switches to lớn get water – See the answer in the picture below


Level 136: Find the wolf in the sheep – Use a finger khổng lồ bring the piece of meat lớn the faces of the sheep, the wolf will change its face. At that time, use another finger lớn peel off the outer layer of its artificial skin.

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Level 137: Time khổng lồ nap, babies need lớn get up to lớn drink milk – Turn clockwise until they wake up to lớn drink milk.

Level 138: Quickly spin the pinwheel – Tap the pinwheel and shake your phone, remember lớn shake vigorously.

Level 139: Heart Shape – Merge two red shapes together to lớn get a heart shape

Level 140: What is the time now – Write the current time on your phone

Level 141: Don’t flip the roông chồng, there are awful things – cảm ứng the stone with three fingers.

Level 142: Move sầu the biggest triangle out of the picture, the answer is 7 triangles.

Level 143: Fishing Cat – Shake your phone, see the hook out of the water, quickly grab the worm hook into the rod, drop the hook inkhổng lồ the water và you shake it again.

Level 144: Find ZOZO’s ski boots – Turn the clothes hook attached to lớn the sole of the shoe, then bury the brown cup as the neck of the shoe. You can rotate parts with two fingers as if rotating a pholớn.

the most accurate brain out answer

Level 145: Help Zozo find 16-year-old birthday gifts – The answer is 20030816 finished recording you press the V to lớn open the safe.

Level 146: Help Mark escape the secret room – Turn the light bulb down by swiping down, the room is dark, then press repeatedly to lớn Exit to lớn fill the yellow bar above lớn Mark out.

Level 147: Eight Precepts are captured by Youkai – Shaken You are holding the Eight Precepts, your needle ring will fall out, you will be put on the needle for the monkey sitting on the chair & it will become Sun Wukong and wear it lớn Wukong, finished the youkai life.

Level 148: Find the corresponding object: See the answer in the picture


Level 149: Fruit picking – Arrange 4 wooden sticks as stairs on the tree, then attach the two ropes to lớn the ladder and you’re done.

Level 150: Set the equation with (11, 13, 15, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9)> Turn the number 9 inlớn a number 6, then clichồng on numbers 11 & 13 respectively

Level 151: Finding table tennis – With the first two games it will be quite easy because the speed is only x1 & x2. For x10 speed, rub the number 0 to disappear & it will go to x1 tốc độ, then press start.

Level 152: Which one to drop – Draw a line at the handle of the gold barrel to lớn the handle of the next box.

Level 153: The old lady has 7 sons, each of whom has 1 younger sister> the answer is number 8

Level 154: Catch the thief – Pull the shovel in the trunk near the left corner of the screen lớn make a hole, then drag the yellow straw inkhổng lồ the trap. Rethành viên lớn vì it quickly before the thief can run there.

Level 155: Saving Eggs – One hand holds the weight, one h& pulls the egg, vì chưng it quickly.

Level 156: Help the puppy win – Change position so the dog can sit on a trắng horse.

Level 157: Making an ice cream – First, use both of your fingers to move the whole frame of the ice cream machine to the left, then you will see the power outlet, move the power socket into lớn the plug.

The ice cream maker will turn on the green light right after that, now put the cone under the ice cream tube, put the ice and milk into lớn the ice cream cone, and that brown lump has nothing to vì with it.

Level 158: Blow off 2 trees, ask how many trees are left – Blow out 2 trees, then leave sầu 2 trees, the other trees will not be blown out.

Level 159: Protect the missile, remain for 15 seconds – Put the word Protection on the rocket, there will be a missile protection ring afterwards.

Level 160: Catch the fly – Remove the glasses the dog is wearing for the girl, the fly will appear near the dung pile, cliông chồng on the fly.

Level 161: Pichồng up the notes – Collect all the bills together by holding one and sweeping the remaining ones.

Level 162: Catch all the birds – Cliông xã on the character’s pockets, a smartphone will appear, now let your character hold the điện thoại thông minh.

Level 163: Charge your phone – Charge the phone that you are holding is done.

Level 164: Two numbers combine lớn number 8 – Double clichồng on the number 0, combining but not adding.

Level 165: How khổng lồ prsự kiện dogs from eating sausages – Throw sausages for dog walkers.

Level 166: Throw all the balls – Enlarge the Bowling ball & throw it.

Level 167: Find table tennis – Click the middle dot Lv.167

Level 168: How many triangles – The answer is 14 triangles.

Level 169: No Smoking: Clichồng on the character’s left pocket, drop a zippo, then clichồng a few times on the cigarette.

Level 170: The monkey picks 2 carrots on the tree in 1 minute, 10 minutes gets some bulbs> the answer is 0, the carrots are not grown on the tree.

Level 171: Bath for cats: Do it quickly, put the yellow soap bottle in the basin, put the cat in the shower, move sầu the chair to take the fish out and put in the basin.

Level 172: Find the entrance khổng lồ the pyramid> click on the word “Entrance” in the question.

Level 173: Milking: Put a red bucket several times on the belly of the cow, so that it kicks when the calf is crying và the cow comes out. At that time take the bucket placed under the mother’s belly is finished.

Level 174: Fill the bucket with water: Put the puncture-proof bucket in a glass jar, then place the jar under the tap.

Level 175: Enter the same number as 500> answer is 4

Level 176: Divide the cake into lớn 8 pieces, need at least how much sugar – The answer is 3 lines to lớn divide the cake into lớn 8 pieces.

Level 177: Destroy monsters – Enlarge the drop of water lượt thích enlarging an image

Level 178: Make the thẻ disappear: Press và hold when the cards face down, then move sầu your finger to the cards so they fly away from the screen.

Level 179: Connect 5 of them khổng lồ win. It’s your turn: Press O repeatedly in row 5 khổng lồ win, don’t wait for it to lớn hit X.

Level 180: Rescue the chicks: Cliông chồng và take the chicks through the largest iron frame.

Level 181: Piông xã up the beast: xuất hiện the lid of the machine switch on the far right, turn it on, then insert the gold coin into lớn the middle slot. Press the green arrow lớn the right lớn piông chồng up the animal to lớn the side of the animal & press the yellow button.

Level 182: Going inlớn 3 results: The first two goals seem easy, the third goal the goalkeeper will bloông chồng. When the goalie blocks the ball, press the yellow coin repeatedly, and also hold và move sầu the captured goalkeeper ball lớn move into lớn the golf.

Level 183: Great judgment: If you are not a person who is able to calculate too fast then choose the answer according to: Left – Right – Left – Left – Right.

Level 184: Slightly thirsty, want to lớn drink some water: Use your fingers to lớn tilt the super tốc độ bottle so that it fills the cup of water.

Level 185: Parking: Move the oto to the right of the screen, you will see 3 parking spaces that are free khổng lồ park.

Level 186: Enter password – Zoom in on the image with the volume up key và you will know what the password is, then press decrease volume & just enter the password.

Level 187: Help the rabbit eat carrots – This time, put all your heart inkhổng lồ the path as shown in the picture, then let the rabbit through it.

Level 188: Win a boxing match – Put the word You on the ruffled guy and press the symbol as shown below.

Level 189: Finding Chicks – Chicks are in the title.

Level 190: Roast fish and feed the cat – You take the fish and put it on the fire for just 1 second, see it evaporate, quickly take khổng lồ the left of the screen, the mèo will appear và this time bring the fish khổng lồ the mouth cats only.

Level 191: Find a =? – You bởi not need to solve sầu, the Network Administrator has already protected you, the answer is 10.

Level 192: Press 1000 – Clichồng the Cliông chồng button & go right outside the button 1000.

Level 193: Parking – Leave the green car just outside and park it, remember not khổng lồ touch the black line.

Level 194: Light a Candle – Zoom in on the matchbox, remove sầu the match & apply it lớn the sandpaper, then light the candle.

Level 195: Subjugate Monsters – Minimize monsters lớn their full kích thước & put them in his pocket.

Level 196: Who’s the smarchạy thử – Developer, he he.

Level 197: Make hlặng smile happily – Take off his left sandal, then rub the ends of his feathers against his feet.

Level 198: mở cửa the safe – Move sầu the safe to the right và you will see a key behind the safe, put the key in the drive & swipe the safe door to lớn the right to open the safe door.

Level 199: Calculate the result – The answer is 97 for two clocks minus each other.

Level 200: Big Prize Spin – Use your finger lớn spin so that the needle hits the umbrella và release.

Level 201: Prisoners must win – Turn the baông chồng of the robot, click on the display khổng lồ see what the prisoners will be (1). Sau đó chọn phần bàn tay của công ty (2) nhằm win nó là được.

Level 202: Đổ đầy nước vào cốc – Lấy que diêm, quẹt vào vỏ hộp diệm kế tiếp thắp nến. Đặt nến vào đĩa nước tiếp đến úp cốc vào nến.


Level 203: Lấy đồ gia dụng nghịch thoát khỏi bình – Dùng 2 ngón tay thu nhỏ dại búp bê tiếp đến luân chuyển ngược điện thoại cảm ứng nhằm búp bê rơi thoát ra khỏi bình


Level 204: Hét to lên rằng “Ta đẹp mắt trai nhất” – Bấm Bắt Đầu > kế tiếp nói vào mic thoại Smartphone của công ty Tôi rất đẹp trai nhất lúc loại thời hạn đếm ngược, lưu giữ nói gần mic nhé > kế tiếp bnóng Xác Nhận.

Level 205: Đánh bị tiêu diệt quái thú – Dùng viên tẩy ở góc cạnh bên dưới mặt yêu cầu tẩy không còn thanh khô huyết của thú vật là được

Level 206: Đến đích – Lộn ngược điện thoại của doanh nghiệp cùng bấm để nhân đồ vật đi mang đến đích

Level 207: Nhập đáp án 37×50=? – Đáp là vết ?

Level 208: Không được ấn – Không làm những gì không còn cho tới khi qua màn

Level 209: Xua xua âm hồn – Nhấn nút ít tắt truyền hình nhằm con ma mất tích.


Level 210: Ném láng rổ – Nghiêng vơi điện thoại cảm ứng thông minh của bạn dốc về phía bên trên nhằm láng trôi lên, tiếp nối lựa lựa làm sao để cho trái láng lnạp năng lượng về phía rổ rồi dốc ngược điện thoại về phía bên dưới là đươc.

Level 211: Không phi trúng hồng chổ chính giữa – Lấy ngón tay của bạn ngăn mũi thương hiệu là được.

Level 212: Đưa chân ném lên vai – Lấy chữ chân đặt trên chữ vai sinh sống title là được.

Level 213: Nâng cao thị giác – Vuốt lên loại khăn uống màu xanh sống túi cậu bé xíu, tiếp nối chuyển khăn lên lau kính là được.

Level 214: Cấm thì thầm – Bấm nút ít sút âm thanh Smartphone của doanh nghiệp xuống đi.

Level 215: Nhập password nhằm mlàm việc khóa laptop bảng – Đưa chữ Mật khẩu vào màn hình hiển thị hiển thị của sản phẩm tính bảng như làm việc dưới hình.

Level 216: Làm cố nào để chia 3 trái táo khuyết đến 6 người – Đổi chỗ số 3 đến số 6 thành chia 6 trái táo bị cắn đến 3 tín đồ. quý khách đang thấy số lượng bạn bớt đi cùng số táo bị cắn tạo thêm, tiếng hãy chia mỗi người 3 quả táo bị cắn.

Level 217: Để cân nghiêng sang trái – Đặt chụ khỉ thốt nhiên quý phái cân bên trái là được.

Level 218: Tìm tòi 6 phương diện cười – Sẽ gồm một chiếc phương diện không biểu cảm hình trạng (-_-) vuốt mồm của biểu cảm đó xuống để nó thành mặt mỉm cười, tiếp đến lựa chọn nhỏng hình.

Level 219: Thu thập xu – Khi mới vào màn đùa, bạn hãy đi ngược về phía phía bên trái đã thấy một đồng xu, tích lũy nó rồi di chuyển về phía bên phải để thu thập nốt những đồng xu còn lại, cuối cùng hãy chạm những lần vào mẫu túi nhân trang bị đã treo để nó rơi ra đồng xu sau cùng.

Level 220: Thấy được 5 ngôi sao – Có một ngôi sao sáng bên trên tóc cô gái và làm việc túi rộp ngô – 2 ngôi sao 5 cánh. Để thu thập đủ 5 ngôi sao 5 cánh bạn hãy bấm tiếp tục vào đầu cô bé cùng bạn sẽ thấy 3 ngôi sao sót lại.

Level 221: Làm núm nào để tránh được sự tấn công của quái vật nhỏ tuổi – Ngay lập tức bạn hãy thu nhỏ tuổi hình hình ảnh màn chơi lại. Quý Khách vẫn thấy một chiếc hang sinh sống dưới những lý lẽ, chuyển chàng trai của bạn ở phần nlỗi ở bên dưới hình là được, đừng quên gửi anh chàng lên hòn đá hoàn thành thì bỏ tay ra để anh chàng tự động đi vào đúng địa điểm là được.

Xem thêm: Cách Mở Cổng Âm Thanh Phía Trước Máy Tính Win 10, Cách Mở Cổng Âm Thanh Phía Trước Máy Tính

Level 222: Lái bình an mang lại đích – Dùng ngón tay dịch chuyển nkhô giòn xe cộ lên góc trên cùng của màn hình hiển thị Lúc không tồn tại thứ cản


Level 223: Tìm con gà con – Dùng 2 ngón tay thu nhỏ screen, các bạn sẽ thấy con gà mẹ, di chuyển con kê bà bầu lên phía bên trên ổ trứng để ấp sẽ tiến hành con kê con


Level 224: Làm cố gắng làm sao nhằm cậu nhỏ xíu chiến hạ – Dùng ngón tay di chuyển cô nhỏ nhắn ra thân loại bập bênh là được.


Level 225: Thoát ngoài phòng – Phóng khổng lồ tnóng rèm ra và bạn sẽ thấy một cái bảng nhập password, nhập 9342 nhằm thoát ra khỏi phòng

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