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This tải về contains materials designed khổng lồ assist KS2 students in writing stories with a fantasy setting. If children are to lớn write such stories successfully, they must be able lớn distinguish their story’s imaginative locations, characters và environments from life in their own place và time.

The pictures & image prompts in this pack will give sầu students plenty of ideas to lớn work with, and help them convey those extra details that will make their stories and characters really come alive sầu.

The pack’s contents include:

13-page ‘Stories with a fantasy setting’ inspiration book, containing image prompts và text fields in which students can jot down their ideas 6-page ‘Fantasy Story Planning Sheets’ document, containing prompts and writing space for ideas relating to lớn characters, interior settings, outdoor settings and objects/animals 33-page poster book containing high resolution photography/renders of different fantasy locations, characters và objects, with one image per page Teacher Notes document

National Curriculum English programme of study links

Pupils should be taught to draft and write narratives by creating settings, characters & plot.

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teacher notes fantasy settings posters inspiration booklet where pupils can gather ideas fantasy story planning sheets

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