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If your child is allergic to latex, something as simple as going to lớn a birthday tiệc nhỏ with latex balloons can trigger a deadly allergic reaction. Knowing what products và foods contain latex can save sầu your child’s life. Dr. Cindy Gellner talks about the effects of a latex allergy and how to treat a...

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Transcatheter Aortic Valve sầu Replacement—Is It Right For Me?

Nov 25, 2015

Just a few years ago, treating critical aortic stenosis required surgery. Now, there’s transcatheter aortic valve sầu replacement, which allows for treatment of the heart’s blocked valve sầu without actual surgery. Dr. Tom Miller talks khổng lồ cardiologist, Dr. Jlặng Fang about this new procedure, how it’s ...


Could Donor Matching Help Fecal Transplants khổng lồ Work Better?

Nov 23, 2015

Though it may be hard khổng lồ get past the “ick factor”, fecal transplants—putting fecal matter from a healthy donor inlớn a patient’s intestine—is proving lớn be a surprisingly effective sầu way lớn treat serious infections such as Clostridium difficile. However, so far the therapy has not been as ...


Health Care Insider: The Journey to lớn Becoming a Value Driven Organization - University of Washington Medical Center

Dec 3, 2015

Transitioning from volume to lớn value is a difficult but necessary change. Each hospital has different challenges, cultures, etc., so there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Even so, we can still learn from each other’s experiences. Value University is a program that’s engaging 10 teams from health...

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Deep Fat Fry Your Turkey Safely: An Interactive sầu Story

Nov 24, 2015

In this story, Ray is deep fat frying a turkey. Listen and play along lớn see if you are deep fat frying your turkey safely. When Ray does something right, you’ll hear a ding. When he does something that’s potentially dangerous, you’ll hear a buzz. Will you be able lớn identify when Ray makes a ...


Six Ways Deep Fat Frying a Turkey Can Burn You

Nov 24, 2015

Deep fat frying a turkey is dangerous. Chances are good you are making at least one mistake that could lead to a fire — or worse, a severe burn injury. Annette Matherly from University of Health Care Burn Center talks about the six big things to lớn watch out for when deep fat frying your turkey ...

Online Tools lớn Help You Decide When to lớn Start Mammograms

Nov 19, 2015

It’s a never-ending debate: When should you start mammograms—at 40 or 50? The decision is even harder when doctors tell you, “You decide.” How? Dr. Kirtly Parker Jones talks about two online tools, Breast Screening Decisions & Healthwise, that can help with the decision making process. ...