Malaysia 2

Malaysia had lớn claw their way baông xã inlớn the AFF Championship final, to lớn record a 2-2 draw at trang chủ against Vietnam giới in the first leg match.

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Malaysia had to lớn claw their way back into lớn the AFF Championship final, lớn record a 2-2 draw at trang chủ against Vietnam giới in the first leg match.

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Malaysia vs Vietphái nam match highlights

Farizal Marlias - 8/10 (Man of the Match)

Could have not done any better lớn stop the two Vietphái nam eshopdaroana.coms, but the eshopdaroana.comkeeper rose to lớn the occassion multiple times khổng lồ rush off his line, make big saves & keep the hosts in the game.

Farizal Marlias, Malaysia, 2018 AFF Suzuki Cup

Farizal Marlias. Phokhổng lồ from AFF

Amirul Azhan - 6/10

Starting in his first game as replacement for the suspended Syahmi Safari, the right baông chồng did well enough against a very good Vietnam giới side, before he himself had to lớn come off in the second half. He also showed his potential in attaông chồng, sending in a few teasing crosses inkhổng lồ the box.

Irngười Zakaria - 5/10

Again the weakest links in the team, the centre bachồng failed to shield the hosts" danger area, leading lớn the two eshopdaroana.coms they conceded.

Shahrul Saad - 7/10

The best defender of the night, but without the experienced Aidil Zafuan partnering hlặng, the centre back could not organise the defence as well as Aidil could. But what he lacked in keeping it airtight in the baông chồng, he made up with his headed at a crucial point in the match.

Nazirul Nayên - 6/10

The left back had a good game, but the replacement for the injured Syazwan Andik only lasted 36 minutes, before he himself had to lớn be taken off for an injury.

Akram Mahinan - 6/10

The midfielder played generally well to keep the possession in midfield in Malaysia"s hands, but made a couple of mistakes towards the end of the match that were fortunately not punished by the opponents.

Syamer Kutty Abtía - 7/10

The midfielder did what was asked of him, và even bagged an assist, through his freekiông chồng that was headed in by Shahrul for the hosts" first Was booked for a professional foul in the second half.

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Mohamadou Sumareh - 7/10

It was evident that the left winger wasn"t able to shake off his fitness problems, but he kept going, taking on defenders and attacking Vietphái mạnh players in their own half, knowing that he was the only Malaysia player with the technique as well as the confidence khổng lồ vị so.

Norshahrul Idlan Talaha - 6/10

The forward worked hard all night to help the Malayan Tigers in midfield, but was not as effective sầu in front of the eshopdaroana.commouth as he surely would have liked to lớn be.

Safawi Rasid - 7/10

The left winger wasn"t able to lớn make a bigger impact in the match with his runs, but was finally able to lớn break his duông xã, his không lấy phí kiông chồng tying the game after Malaysia had earlier gone two eshopdaroana.coms down. A later free kichồng of his could have given them the win, but this time Vietphái mạnh eshopdaroana.comkeeper Đặng Vnạp năng lượng Lâm did a lot better lớn keep his accurate attempt out. Malaysia fans will be hoping that the will help improve his confidence ahead of the away leg.

Zaquan lại Adha - 6/10

The striker was diligently helping the attack get the ball inlớn the danger area, holding the ball outside the Vietphái mạnh box in order to lớn await the other attackers" arrival. But he wasn"t clinical enough in such an important match.


Adam Nor Azlin - 6/10

Came on in the first half as Nazirul Naim"s replacement, showed awkwardness in the left baông xã position and was yellow carded for a clumsy challenge, but grew inlớn the role in the second half and made several of his trademark last-minute tackles.

Syafiq Ahmad - 6/10

The forward was employed in a makeshift role as a right wingbaông xã, coming on for Amirul at the hour mark. He looked a little unfamiliar at first, và was booked for dissent just eight minutes later, but ultimately did sufficiently.

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Akhyar Rashid - 6/10

The young forward came on for Norshahrul with đôi mươi minutes remaining, showing intent to have sầu a go at the defenders, but struggled to combine well with the midfielders và other forwards. He often tried getting past the opponent players from near the middle of the park, when passing it và moving inlớn space would have been a better option.

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