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The race lớn grab Featured Snippets, those short answers that appear at the very top of Google’s tìm kiếm results, has turned inkhổng lồ somewhat of a feeding frenzy in the SEO industry. The following article will tell you all the essential information you need khổng lồ know about Featured Snippets and provides detailed guidelines on how lớn obtain them.

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What are Featured Snippets?

Featured Snippets are short, direct answers shown by Google at the top of the first page of tìm kiếm results in response khổng lồ search queries in the form of questions, or which imply a search for specific information. Featured Snippets usually provide answers khổng lồ questions lượt thích Who, What, When, Where, Why, và How, but the tìm kiếm phrase does not have khổng lồ include one of these words, & certainly doesn’t need a question mark because Google’s algorithm does a pretty good job of interpreting the searcher’s intent.
An example of a Featured Snippet in response lớn the query "best máy vi tính brands list"

The Evolution of Featured Snippets

Originally, Google began providing short answers lớn questions posed in search queries directly on the search results page in the Knowledge Panel appearing to lớn the right of the search results, & later above sầu the search results in the main column. These short answers were informational factoids provided in response to lớn queries requesting information lượt thích the age of a particular celebrity or the population of Uganda, và they were referred khổng lồ as Quiông chồng Answers. The information in these quick answers was manually curated nội dung usually provided without a link khổng lồ a source (although sometimes there would be a link to Wikipedia).
Quichồng Answer, publicly available information, generally with no liên kết lớn a third-tiệc nhỏ websiteAt the beginning of năm trước, Google rolled out another similar type of quiông chồng answer at the top of Page 1 of the tìm kiếm results. These too were short answers to lớn searchers’ questions but with one difference - they were extracted from websites around the web và a link was provided khổng lồ the source. There was no official Google announcement about the feature, but when asked about it early on, Google’s spokesmen used the name Quichồng Answers for these as well.

Featured Snippets Appear in the Following Formats:

Paragraphs - a short excerpt of text, normally between 40-50 words. This is the most prevalent format for featured snippets. Oftentimes a thumbnail image appears alongside the text snippet.Lists (ordered or bulleted) - snippets formatted as lists are very comtháng to lớn present a menu of items, the steps of a recipe or a processTables - tables oftentimes appear in response to queries that request comparisons or pricing for different models, i.e., when the data is best presented in columns and rowsVideos - a Youtube Clip player that often appears in response to lớn searches for popular songs or moviesExamples of the different formats are shown below.
Featured Snippet in paragraph formatFeatured Snippets in paragraph format are triggered by explicit or implicit questions of many types for instance "What is the life expectancy of a solar panel”, "Is WordPress free”, or implied questions such as "Ford Model-T years production”, "image alternative text tags” etc.
An example of a featured snippet with an ordered listFeatured Snippets with ordered listsmost commonly show up in response lớn questions about any multi-step process such as a recipe or a DIY task — examples being "How khổng lồ fill out a 1040ez” or "Creating a pivot table in excel 2013.” Bulleted lists are normally triggered when there is a need for a danh mục of items which have sầu no particular order such as "Tools needed khổng lồ change a tire.”
Featured Snippet in tabular formatFeatured Snippets in tabular format show up for queries that request numerical or other data which is best presented in a structured format. Example tìm kiếm queries are "USPS prices” "Largest hi tech companies” & "inflation rates by country.” This format is much less common than the other formats và that’s partly due to lớn the lachồng of nội dung properly optimized in this format.
A Featured Snippet with a đoạn Clip from YouTubeGoogle shows a full-sized YouTube đoạn phim player most commonly in response to lớn searches for songs such as "There"s Nothing Holdin" Me Baông chồng,” commercials lượt thích "Audi duel” & DIY guides This is a relatively newer format và certainly fits in with Google’s goal of promoting YouTube.Google Also Takes Textual Featured Snippets from YouTube DescriptionsGoogle also pulls Featured Snippets in paragraph format from the descriptions of YouTube videos. The text intended for the snippet should be put at the beginning of the video’s description.

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Featured Snippet with paragraph taken from YouTube video description
Description from YouTube video chosen for Featured Snippet

The Growing Prevalence of Featured Snippets

Over time, Google has added different types of Featured Snippets and has modified existing ones, but the most dramatic change has been the tremendous increase in the number of search queries that trigger Featured Snippets.In December năm ngoái, the percentage of queries that produced Featured Snippets stood at a mere 3.8%. Six months later in June năm 2016, the percentage rose to 8.7% and as of May 2017, 21.9% of tìm kiếm queries display Featured Snippets.Widely varying figures for this metric have been reported on various sources around the website. The reason for the divergent results lies in the types of từ khoá included in the study. Case studies based on keyword with a higher average monthly tìm kiếm volume will return a higher percentage of Featured Snippets. In addition, if the keywords in a study are predominantly from certain niches, that affects the resulting frequency figures because aao ước the niches there is a wide variance. Data on the frequency of Featured Snippets in 20 different niches is presented further on this article. To demonstrate the abovementioned variance note the following graph from Rank Ranger’s Google SERP Features Tracking Tool based on a database of over 100,000 từ khóa. In May 2017, the percentage of queries that triggered Featured Snippets was 9.7%. This stands in contrast lớn the 21.9% reported in Rank Ranger’s Search Engine Labs Project which includes trăng tròn,000+ từ khóa from trăng tròn niches. The reason for the difference is simple. The từ khoá in the Search Engine Labs Project are more optimized và have sầu on average a higher tìm kiếm volume & therefore they trigger more Featured Snippets.
Percentage of tìm kiếm queries that trigger Featured Snippets Dec 2015-May 2017 (Source: Rank Ranger’s Google SERP. Features Tracking Tool)

Which Niches Have the Most Featured Snippets?

There are wide variations in the prevalence of Featured Snippets between different niches. According to lớn Rank Ranger’s Search Engine Labs Project, the keyword belonging lớn the following niches produced the highest percentage of Featured Snippets in May 2017:
1. Health and Fitness:40.6%
2. Financial Services & Personal Finance:36.7%
3. Business Services:35.5%
4. Technology & Computing:34.6%
5. Pets:30.3%

The niches with the lowest prevalence of Featured snippets were:

1. Consumer Goods & Services:3.2%
2. Style và Fashion:4.3%
3. Travel:5.9%
The results for the complete menu of niches appears below.
Prevalence of Featured Snippets by Nibít (Source: Rank Ranger Search Engine Labs Project)

Which Positions on the SERPhường bởi vì Featured Snippets Come From?

Based on data from the Search Engine Labs Project, the overwhelming number of Featured Snippets today are found in the top ten tìm kiếm results. There are some outliers below that, but they are statistically insignificant.

The key findings vis-a-vis the organic position of Featured Snippets are as follows:

The top organic result is chosen as the Featured Snippet almost one third of the timesThe top three results trương mục for 69% of the Featured SnippetsEach of the results in positions 6-8 are shown less than 3% of the timePositions 9 & 10 are both below 1%Search results below position 10 are rarely chosen as featured snippets
Organic Positions of Featured Snippets - September 2017 (Source: Search Engine Labs Project)A reviews of historical data shows that the dominance (over 31%) of the top organic search result in Featured Snippets has remained consistent (see graphs from May 2016 và December 2015 below). In Dec. năm ngoái, Google was pulling a significant percentage of Featured Snippets (12.59%) from below the top ten search results. By May 2016, that percentage had dropped to .68% và in May 2017 those results were chosen only .07% of the time.Another clear trend transpired within the page one results. Originally there was no clear hierarchy among mỏi the top ten results, whereas today Google has adjusted its algorithm lớn achieve sầu a clear gradation aước ao the results in the various positions.
Organic Positions of Featured Snippets - May 2016
Organic Positions of Featured Snippets - December 2015

Pluses và Minuses for Website Owners

When Google first rolled out Featured Snippets, the general reaction was one of serious concern. Website owners felt that Google was "hijacking” their content và using it for their own benefit, & since Google was providing the answer people sought right on the SERP, there was a concern that there would be little reason for searchers lớn cliông xã through lớn the source trang web.During that early period, people were truly worried, & some still are, about how far Google was planning on going with providing answers taken from others on the top of the SERP.. The following dialog, between Danny Sullivan (Founding Editor of Search Engine Land) và Amit Singhal (former Senior VPhường of Search và software engineer at Google), took place in March 2014, several months after Featured Snippets appeared. Danny’s question was indicative of the atmosphere of anxiety regarding Google’s moves. Singhal’s Swiss army knife analogy didn’t bởi muchkhổng lồ assuage people’s fears.DS: Are we gonmãng cầu get lớn a point where every search gives a direct answer?AS: If you look at a search engine, the best analogy is that it’s an amazing Swiss Army Knife. It’s great, but sometimes you need lớn open a wine bottle. Some genius added that to the knife. That’s awesome. That’s how we think of the Knowledge Graph. Sometimes you only need an answer.The world has gone di động. In a di động world, there are times when you cannot read đôi mươi pages, but you need something — an extra tool on your Swiss Army Knife. When you build a better tool, you use it more.

Blowbachồng Against Featured Snippets

The blowbaông chồng against Google for scraping content from websites & posting it as Featured Snippets swelled when Dan Barker, a Digital Marketing Consultant, cleverly caught Matt Cutts, former head of the website spam team at Google, in an embarrassing exchange of tweets. Cutts asked for help finding websites that violate Google’s policy against scraping & posting nội dung taken from others (see below). Barker proceeded khổng lồ sover Cutts a screenshot of a Featured Snippet about scraper sites that Google scraped & posted from another site. Barker’s tweet was retweeted over 32,000 times.